No, you don’t need an advanced degree in Philosophy to prove the Bible false

One interesting thing that I have noticed about many conservative Christians with whom I have discussed the evidence for their belief system is that when you debate them regarding their Faith’s supernatural claims, they suddenly become philosophers. They ask you such deep philosophical questions as, “How do you determine reality?”, “How do you know that YOU really exist?”, “How do you know that you don’t exist only in your own mind? If you can’t be sure that YOU exist, how can you be so sure that (the Christian) God does not exist and that the Bible’s supernatural claims do not exist?”

However, ask these same Christian “philosophers” about the supernatural claims of Islam, Hinduism, Mormonism, and other supernatural based Faiths, and they will wave them off with a simple, “Their beliefs are nonsense and unprovable.”

Nope.  You don’t need an advanced degree in Philosophy and Theology to see that the supernatural claims of the Bible are false.  All you need is a little common sense:  Extraordinary (supernatural) claims demand extraordinary evidence.  Philosophical and theological psycho-babble is a poor substitute for evidence.


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