The Christian God is the Father who tells you not to play in the Street and then runs over you when you do

Evangelical Christian:

If you warn your child not to play in the street because they may get run over and permanently killed, are you being sadistic if your child plays in the street and is permanently killed?

God cannot accept ANY sin into heaven. If you die in your sins you will be permanently separated from him. Hell was originally made for the disobedient angels, not mankind. Man was subsequently warned that if they disobeyed God they would end up in the same place. God compassionately warns people over and over of the consequences of sin; they ignore him. He then graciously offers a way to have sin forgiven. We can take it or suffer the consequences. It’s our choice.

Also, when you deny the God of the Bible you are denying the ONLY God. Therefore, the fool has said in his heart there is no God (of the Bible.)


Your “Heavenly Father” warns his children not to play in the street, and when they do, he himself runs over them with the car…backs up…and runs over them again, and again, and again…and again…

Second Evangelical Christian:

Gary.. People are going to hell themselves, God provided way out of hell in Jesus’s salvation. People legally gave themselves to satan and then they accuse God from bad things. Hell was created for satan and demons. People gave themselves to satan we all belong to him and God can’t just go and take us from satan back. Before sin we belonged to God. We gave ourselves to satan. God can’t just take what was his once it would be stealing. He gave his Son to die for us to delivery us from evil. By faith in Jesus we legally go from satan to Jesus. God delivered us from satan and going to hell by Jesus sacrifice.


No, friend, your god claims to be omniscient. Therefore when he created Hell, he saw into the future all the millions upon millions of terrified human beings that he would eventually toss into its searing flames…all because their ancestors ate some of his forbidden fruit. And then he created those poor wretches anyway. If he were really a loving god, he never would have created the universe. He would have stayed on his throne in heaven and played chess with an angel for all eternity. He did not need to create us, but he did, and he created us KNOWING all along that he was going to torture the majority of us for all eternity in his torture pit. This god is NOT a “loving, heavenly father…he is a MONSTER; a sick, maniacal, sadistic monster.

It is a sadistic tall tale, Dream. It is an ancient superstition invented to control the ignorant masses. It isn’t true. Free yourself from this delusional cult!


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