The Fool has said in his Heart…the Universe is controlled by Magic

Evangelical Christian:

Sounds like someone (Gary) around here is under a lot of conviction because of their own personal sin. (Lying, stealing, lust, hatred, covetousness–I’m sure the list goes on.) Most atheists I’ve met are atheists because they love their sinful actions and don’t want to be held accountable. As long as they can convince themselves that God doesn’t exist, they believe they’re home free. Psalm 14:1 applies to all atheists–“The fool has said in his heart there is no God.”


I am willing to consider the possibility that my unbelief is due a subconscious desire to “sin” or that an evil spirit has control of my brain. Anything is possible, Tom. But are *you* willing to consider the possibility that the reason I no longer believe is due to neither of these reasons but due to the fact there is not enough evidence to believe the Christian supernatural claims any more than any other supernatural tale?

That is what I urge you to do, Tom. Open your mind just enough to allow for the POSSIBILITY, no matter how slight, that you could be wrong; that the Christian god does not exist; that the belief in a resurrection developed due to the visions, hallucinations, and the legend-creating imaginations of uneducated, hope-starved, first century peasants.


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