Jesus loves you…but will fry you in Hell if you don’t love him

Evangelical Christian:

Feelings are changing but insurance in our heart that Jesus is risen and we are children of God never.

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 2Cor. 4. 18.


I agree with you 100%. Feelings of comfort, peace, of an internal presence, and of a personal relationship are NOT evidence for the validity of your supernatural belief system. The only evidence that validates the Christian belief system is this: the bodily resurrection of Jesus. Period.

If there is no good evidence for the Resurrection, then your “relationship” is no more real than the people we hear about who have internet relationships with persons who really do not exist. It is a relationship in your own MIND only.

This is what led me to abandon my Christian faith: the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus is very, very weak. We have no confirmable eyewitness testimony; no non-Christian in the first century mentions a resurrection of the “King of the Jews”; or that dead people roamed the streets of Jerusalem; or great earthquakes; or the splitting of the Temple veil; or three hours of darkness. Not one word from one single non-Christian source about these amazing, shocking events.

Think about that: If the entire world went completely dark for three hours, why didn’t any non-Christian record that event? That would be a MAJOR world event! We have no record of any solar eclipse lasting more than a few minutes. THREE HOURS?? Yet, no one in Rome, no one in Athens, no one in Alexandria, no one in China, no one Persia, no one in India says one word of this incredible world event.

Come on, folks. Open your eyes! This is simply a supernatural tall tale. Jesus most likely did exist and most likely was crucified, but reanimated from the dead to walk through locked doors and teleport into outer space?? Come on.

Evangelical Christian:

Gary. You rejected everything but not me I have proof that God is real and Jesus too. Look at it like this. I can describe you how can apple is tasting but you will never understand if you will not eat it too. I have testimonies and many other proofs that it’s real. Jesus said : ” I am the way, the truth, the life, noone comes to the Father except through me.” John 14.6 Jesus proved that he is God. I believe him. No other religion has somebody like Jesus!


Are we back to feelings, intuition, personal experiences, and the perception of a relationship with a mute, invisible being again? Please give evidence for your statement.

Second Evangelical Christian:

…keep praying for Gary. He desperately needs it. One day his mouth will be closed (Romans 3:19) and his tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.(Philippians 2:11)


And that is what it always comes down to, isn’t it. Jesus is sooo loving. Christianity is sooo wonderful. “We love you, we want to share the joys of faith in Jesus with you…but…if you refuse…if you reject Jesus’ love…Jesus is going to burn you alive in a boiling cauldron of fire…forever and ever!”

That isn’t love, Tom. That is sadism. That is the behavior of a cult:   They bring you into the cult with promises of love, but keep you in the cult with threats of horrific punishment.

It isn’t true, Tom. There is no Cosmic Boogeyman. It is a superstition. Escape the cult while you can.


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