God so loved the World…that he will toss you into a Lake of Fire if you don’t love him back

Evangelical Christian:

Gary:  God created us to share his love, to have a relationship with him here on earth and then in heaven eternally. If you are push to love somebody its not a real love. Therefore we have free will. And also because everything what we are doing on earth has effect for eternity. Our life is preparation for eternity to choose death or life? to choose God or not. Its your choice.


Why would a perfect God need to share his love? Why would a perfect God need to be loved? Why after trillions of years of existence did God decide one day to create a universe and creatures that looked like him? Was he bored? Was he lonely?

If God created human beings because God wanted to be loved, and created those human beings with the ability NOT to love him, KNOWING as he was creating them, that they would choose NOT to love him, and knowing when he was creating them that his punishment for not loving him would be everlasting, “unspeakable”, torment in his divine torture chamber, doesn’t that make God out to be a premeditated sadistic monster??

If I and my wife choose to have children because we want to be loved and because we want to have a relationship with little ones who look like us, but yet we know, before attempting to have children, that we are going to end up tossing them into a barrel of boiling liquid fire to writhe in excruciating pain, would you call that “love” or would you call it sick, depraved, barbarity?


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