"Gary, if Christianity is True you are in Big Trouble"

Evangelical Christian:

Gary. Look at it like this. I have nothing to loose. If all christianity is not true I tried to live honest life but if its all true I have much to gain and you are in big trouble. Open your heart not mind.


Have you ever thought about this: What if Islam is true? If so, then YOU are in big trouble. Islam says that you will burn for eternity in the Muslim Hell for not believing in Allah. And there are thousands of other exclusivist religions on the planet who believe that YOU are going to their Hell because you do not believe in THEIR god.

Obviously we can’t be members of every exclusivist religion. So what do we do? We look at the evidence to see if any of them are valid. You have rejected all the world’s supernatural based belief systems except one. I have rejected them all.

Feelings, intuition, personal experiences, and the perception of a relationship with an entity who you never see, never hear, never touch is NOT proof that YOUR supernatural beliefs are true.


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