Evidence that my Third Grade Teacher Mrs. Jones was a Broom-Flying Witch

1.  There is evidence that Mrs. Jones was a real, historical person.

2.  Several decades after her death, an anonymous book surfaced about her, in which her exploits as a broom-flying witch are discussed in detail.  The book contains accurate geographical and historical descriptions of the city in which Mrs. Jones and I lived.

3.  In the subsequent years, three more anonymous books were written, two of which followed the same story and details of the first book very closely (sometimes word for word).

4.  Three years after Mrs. Jones death, a very educated, very devout witch hunter claims to have been stopped on the interstate by Mrs. Jones on her broom.  He states that Mrs. Jones told him that she wanted him to be her chief spokesperson for Broom-riding Witchery worldwide.

5.  This ex-witch hunter took on a life of suffering, poverty, and persecution for his belief in Broom-riding Witchery and was subsequently executed for his beliefs.

6.  Thousands upon thousands of people, including myself and many of my third grade classmates, upon hearing the story of Mrs. Jones broom-riding witchery, have converted to this new belief system, sometimes enduring terrible persecution for our beliefs.

All the above evidence confirms that Mrs. Jones was a broom-riding witch and that Broom-Riding Witchery is the one and only Truth.


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