Bart Ehrman has a Blog…Skeptics and Christians should read it!

Bart Ehrman has a blog.  It is an excellent and fascinating source of information about the New Testament.  I strongly suggest that skeptics and Christians read it.  Christians might be surprised that Ehrman is not the Christianity-basher than some evangelicals have made him out to be.  Bart has a public section to his blog and a “members only” section in which goes into more depth on each subject and in which he accepts comments and responds to them.  He charges for access to the “members only” section.  The charge is only about $3.00 per month. Some may find this annoying but as a blog author I understand why he does it.  In order to pay this small amount you must give your credit card information.  This cuts down on the anonymous rants as he knows exactly who you are.  All proceeds are donated to charity.

Here is just one tantalizing intro to a discussion by Dr. Ehrman on the lack of a virgin birth story in the Gospel of John:

I have pointed out that our earliest Gospel, Mark, not only is lacking a story of the virgin birth but also tells a story that seems to run precisely counter to the idea that Jesus’ mother knew that his birth was miraculous, unlike the later Gospels of Matthew and Luke.  It is striking to note that even though these two later Gospels know about a virgin birth,  our latest canonical Gospel, John, does not know about it.   This was not a doctrine that everyone knew about – even toward the end of the first century.

Casual readers of John often assume that it presupposes the virgin birth (it never says anything about it, one way or the other) because they themselves are familiar with the idea, and think that John must be as well.  So they typically read the virgin birth into an account that in fact completely lacks it.

As is well known, John’s Gospel begins …

(to read the rest of the article you must be a member.)

Gary:  I strongly suggest you become a member of Dr. Ehrman’s blog!  Here is the link:  Bart Ehrman blog


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