Evangelical Acceptance of Homosexuality: more evidence that Christianity is a Human Invention

Millennial Evangelicals push for
full inclusion of LGBT Christians

“Many point out that the Bible sanctions and regulates slavery and has been used to justify anti-Semitism, certain forms of racism, and the subjugation of women.  In all of these areas, evangelical Christians have altered their interpretation of Scripture in light of what God has taught us through encounters with suffering, and the dignified human beings whom we have harmed with our interpretations of Scripture,” —evangelical Christian quoted in news article

Read the full article here

Gary:  If Christianity is true and if the Holy Spirit truly guides Christians in the truth, why have Christians over the last 2,000 years repeatedly reinterpreted the Bible to fit with advancing scientific discoveries and with current social trends?  In the First Church Council of Jerusalem it was decided that Gentile Christians would not be required to be circumcised, but…they were strictly forbidden from eating meat that had been “strangled”.  Do Christians follow this rule today? 

Christians no longer believe that the sun revolves around the earth or that the earth sits on a foundation, and many more silly, ignorant beliefs, not due to special revelations from God but due to the scientific discoveries of men.

Christians no longer tolerate slavery, even though the Bible, Old and New Testaments, supports it.

So now, no one should be surprised that conservative, evangelical Christians are starting to accept “monogamous, committed” gay relationships in their churches.  The social pressure on their elders by more tolerant, younger generations of Christians is pushing these churches from their literalist interpretation of the apostle Paul and of the Old Testament regarding the “sin” of same sex relationships to a more tolerant, modern position. 

I predict that in just a few decades, not only evangelicals, but Roman Catholics, orthodox Lutherans and other conservative denominations will succumb to the inevitable and allow gay parishioners to marry under the same rules that their heterosexual parishioners marry.  I predict that this change will happen within the next 20 years…if not sooner.


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