Where is Heaven? Where is Hell? Where is your Soul?

If you read the Bible, Christian hymns, and Christian stories about the Bible, Heaven is always up in the sky, and Hell is always down below the earth, and your soul is somewhere inside of you, sometimes even referred to as your “heart”.

But science has ruled out the possibility of there being a massive chamber in the core of the earth that could accommodate the billions of non-Christians who have died since the first human walked the earth, and scientific estimates of the size of the universe also make it dubious that there is a heaven at the “end” of the universe.

And what about the “soul”.  Is there really a location within the human body that houses a ghost, as the Bible infers, “the Holy Spirit within you…”.  The human body has been dissected in detail and no one has ever found a cavity, in the heart, brain, or anyone else, that would be the repository for this spirit.

Modern Christians will tell you that our souls, Heaven, and Hell are in another dimension.  That is why no one will ever discover these entities by scientific exploration or study. 

You silly skeptics!

The problem is, the idea that these entities reside in an unexaminable other dimension is no where to be found in the Bible.  I believe that this modern explanation for the location of these entities is just another example of Christians revising their interpretation of the Bible to keep up with the advances of science.

At what point in time will Christians finally accept the overwhelming evidence that their belief system is based on nothing more than the superstitions, hopes, and aspirations of ancient, scientifically-ignorant peoples?


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