You don’t believe in Heaven, Gary? How sad!

Dante’s Hell

I often get the following reaction from conservative Christians when I tell them that I do not believe that the Christian god, Heaven, or Hell exist:

“Oh what a terrible outlook on life!  No hope whatsoever.  Just ‘eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow you may die’.  I am so glad that I have the promise of eternal life and eternal happiness in Heaven with my loving Savior, Jesus.”

So does it make me sad that I will never see my deceased Christian relatives again as I had believed for most of my life?  Yes.  However, here is why I am not devastated by my belief that there is no Heaven or Hell:

1.  My good Jewish friend, his wife, and his children, who do not believe in Jesus as their Savior, will not burn in everlasting torment in the fires of Hell.

2.  My Muslim dry cleaner and his Muslim wife—wonderful, kind, generous people—will not burn, in horrific agony, in the fires of Hell, for all eternity.

3.  The very kind, friendly Hindu family who own and operate my favorite Indian restaurant, will not writhe in “unspeakable” pain in the fires of Hell.

4.  And, the billions of men, women, and children who have died over the last tens of thousands of years without believing that Jesus is their Savior ARE NOT burning, at this very moment, in unending agony, in the divine torture chamber of your “loving” Savior.

So, yes, Mr. and Mrs. Christian, I am very happy that there is no Heaven, because if there is no Heaven, there is no Hell.  Instead of thinking about your own selfish “hide”, please consider thinking about the rest of humankind when you trumpet how wonderful your religion is with its concept of eternal happiness for a select few in the outer reaches of space.


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