Would you Befriend Adolf Hitler’s Son?

Imagine this hypothetical situation:  Adolf Hitler had a son.  Hitler’s son is still alive and is a peace activist.  He is a very kind, gentle, forgiving, generous person.  He travels the world promoting peace and harmony among all people.

Hitler’s son seems to be a remarkable man; an outstanding example of the best of humankind.

But there is something disturbingly odd about him:  Hitler’s son never condemns the horrific crimes of his father, probably the greatest mass murderer in all of history.  Not only does Adolf Hitler’s son not condemn his father’s atrocities, he praises his father as the greatest of all men, as a moral father, and as a moral, benevolent leader of his people.

Would you befriend this man?

I would bet that you would not.  I would bet that you would not admire or befriend this man for one very simple reason:  The man has no sense of morality and decency if he views his genocidal, hate-mongering, mass-murdering father as the epitome of Good.

So I have a question for you, dear Liberal Christian friend:  Many of you believe that Jesus and the God of the Old Testament are not the same Being.  Your sense of morality and justice just cannot let you believe that Jesus, as part of a Trinity, participated in the barbaric atrocities described in the Old Testament.  Some of you go so far as to believe that the God of the OT was simply a superstition of an ancient people.  But either way, if you would not befriend the unapologetic son of a mass-murdering human despot, why do you “befriend”, praise, glorify, and even worship the son of the most barbaric Being ever to exist:  the vindictive, mass-murdering, baby slaughtering God of the Old Testament, who, if the Bible is accurate, has murdered more human beings than Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, and Nero combined?

Even if the God of the Old Testament was not Jesus, but a different Being, and even if the God of the OT wasn’t Jesus’ father, but simply a superstition, Jesus had nothing but praise for the God of the Old Testament.  Jesus never once condemned the Old Testament God’s mass murdering fits of rage.  Think of all the young children and babies who the Old Testament God: drowned in the Great Flood; burned alive in the firebombing of Sodom and Gomorrah; suffocated in their beds and cribs at the hands of his Angel of Death in the final plague on Egypt; ordered to be chopped to pieces in the wholesale slaughter of tens of thousands of Midianite little boys and their mothers (and the rape of their virgin sisters); and the same brutal fate in the genocidal slaughter of the tens of thousands if not millions of inhabitants of Canaan by the sword of God’s “righteous” servant, Joshua, etc. etc.

How can you despise the indifference of mass suffering, and the glorification of Evil, by the son of a human despot but turn a blind eye to Jesus doing the very same thing with his father?

Bottom line:  Jesus praised, worshipped, and loved with his whole heart, a genocidal, mass-murdering monster.  How can someone be truly kind, loving, and compassionate who demonstrates such a complete lack of sense of morality? 

Dear liberal Christian:  Try as hard as you like, you cannot separate Jesus from the barbaric acts of the God of the Old Testament.  Either Jesus was complicit in these crimes as part of the Trinity, or at a minimum, he was an admiring fan of the Blood-soaked Perpetrator of these heinous crimes.

These facts can mean only one thing:  Jesus may very well have been a very kind, compassionate, and loving man, but based on the above evidence, he was not moral.

So,…why do you still worship him as God?


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