Gary: You deconverted from Christianity because ________________.

Most Christians just cannot accept the fact that I abandoned my Christian Faith due to evidence (to be more accurate, the lack of evidence) and not due to one of the following:

1.  I am mad at God.
2.  I want to live a life of sin.
3.  I am ignorant.  I do not have enough formal Christian training to truly understand the Christian faith. 
4.  I deconverted because I belonged to the wrong Christian denomination.  If I had been a  ___________ (insert:  orthodox Lutheran, evangelical, Roman Catholic, Reformed, liberal Christian, etc) I would never have left the Christian Faith.
5.  The Devil made me do it.

As you can see by my last 10-15 posts, this has been a common experience for many conservative Christians, including highly educated Christian pastors, who like myself, honestly and with an open mind, looked at the evidence and found Christianity woefully wanting for any evidence other than feelings, intuition, and personal experience, to support its many far-fetched supernatural claims.

I will continue to post a few more deconversion stories from former Christian leaders, from various Christian denominations,  as I think it clearly demonstrates that the loss of faith in the superstitions of Christianity are not due to a lack of knowledge and education, but due to one simple fact:  It just isn’t true.


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