Deconversion Stories: Marcus Rodriguez. Church Youth Leader.

Copied from:  The Bittersweet End

Why I am no longer a Christian


On several occasions I usually get some version of the two following questions and all these questions are really not about the existence of (any generic) God, but why I don’t ultimately believe in the Christian God:
  • What is the ONE thing that makes you believe that God does not exist?
  • What is the ONE big issue for you when it comes to the existence of God?

        For me there is no one thing that convinces me that God does not exist.  If there was really just one thing, I would probably still be a Christian.  For one unresolved discrepancy was not enough to shake my faith back then.  Really for me there were several reasons, many of them I blogged about, but many I did not.  But when it came time for me to resign from my leadership position at the church and tell my wife and pastor that I was no longer a Christian, I had to give them a reason.  So I outlined for them the SIX MAJOR issues why I am no longer a Christian and created a manifesto of some sort.
          1. Bible Difficulties and Contradictions
          2. Historical Discrepancies
          3. Unanswered Prayer
          4. The Character and Attributes of God
          5. Bible Atrocities and Morality
          6. Science

      In addition, when I sent this email to my loved ones, I also included a rebuttal in the email about the problems and biblical inconsistencies of believing out of Faith.  There were many other things I did not talk about, but which I could of: Classical arguments against God, Failed Prophecy, Faith vs. Reason, problems with organized religion.  Yet I felt these six were the biggest and most damning against the existence of God.  (And in addition to that my manifesto was already long enough, there was no need to make it longer.)  So go ahead and click on the link below if you would like to check it out.


      I never had any intention of ever putting this attachment on my blog because I was planning with the intention to further expound upon some of the topics in the unofficial manifesto in further detail.  Putting them up in sections and series.  However on the blog Sifting Reality, the Blogger JB asked a question to atheist,: “If you had to narrow it down to one (or two at most) thing, what is the most dubious, implausible, preposterous thing about theism?

      And when I listed my six reasons as to why, the response from some the commenter’s were that my listed answers were vague, unsatisfactory, and incomplete and that I need to elaborate.  And I tried to elaborate a little more, but it is really hard to condense 24 pages of information into a comment box, when the 24 pages of information is already condensed enough with information its self.


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