Interesting Facts about Atheism

Copied from:  The Rejection of Pascal’s Wager

Atheism: Frequently Asked Questions


My website is primarily about my rejection of Christianity. However quite often I do get e-mails from Christians, and other theists (including Muslims, deists etc) fielding questions about atheism. Given below is a summary of the answers I have given to the most common of those queries.

  1. Why are you an atheist and not an agnostic?Answer
  2. You are an atheist because you already included the non-existence of God as a fundamental premise in your epistemological paradigm. Why can’t a theist do the opposite-in other words, simply assume that God exists and start reasoning from there? Answer
  3. Isn’t God required to provide a moral yardstick?Answer
  4. Since atheism cannot provide an absolute moral yardstick, doesn’t it follow that God have to exist?Answer
  5. Can atheists explain how morality could have arisen without God?Answer
  6. Isn’t any system of morality premised on atheism condemned to arbitrariness, where morality is reduced to mere individual or cultural preferences leading to moral relativism?Answer
  7. Aren’t atheists merely immoral people who do not want to face God’s judgment? Answer
  8. Weren’t Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong and Pol Pot all atheists? And weren’t they responsible for some of the worst atrocities known to man? Answer
  9. How can an atheist like you have a meaningful life? Answer

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