Teaching a Child to fear Hell is Child Abuse

Imagine reading in the newspaper about a father who repeatedly threatens his very young children that if they do not behave he will toss them into a boiling cauldron of fire.  And he promises them that he will make sure they don’t die in the flames immediately.  He will make them writhe in pain and suffer excruciating pain for as long as possible for daring to disobey him.  What would you think of this father?  Sicko, right?

Imagine the psychological impact of these daily or at least weekly threats of torture on the brains of these little children.  A psychiatrist will tell you that these children will be psychologically scarred for life.  They will never get rid of that little voice in their heads that tells them they are going to suffer if they misbehave; if they don’t follow the rules perfectly.  These children have suffered psychological child abuse from a sick, abusive father.

I hear that little voice. 

Except my little voice is not my earthly father threatening to toss me into a fire, it is the voice of my parents, pastors, Sunday School teachers, etc. telling me that if I do not do what God says (believe, repent, etc.) I will be cast into eternal hellfire by my heavenly father…to suffer eternal, “unspeakable” torment.

That is sick!  That is child abuse!  That is why fundamentalist Christianity is a cult and that is why I speak out against fundamentalism:  it is evil. 

Speak to any ex-cult member, whether an ex-fundamentalist Christian,  an ex-Muslim, or an ex-Branch Davidian and they will tell you the very same thing:  They hear the same little voice saying, “You made a big mistake.  You shouldn’t have left the group.  God’s gonna get ya for that!  You’re going to fry, sinner!” 

That little voice is not God.  The little voice is that of deceived, manipulative Churchmen.


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