It is impossible to reason with Bigoted People

Copied from:  Pastoral Meanderings

Rev. Larry Peters, LCMS:


I do NOT moderate the blog comments. I may address people who abuse the forum (which I have done 4-5 times in the same number of years) but I do not edit or remove comments (except a feature which removed commercial advertisements from comments). You are wrong. If I can be held responsible for everything people post, it would mean I am in tacit agreement with those who attack me personally (of which there have been many comments). That is not logical. The comments are unmoderated. That said, you have abused the forum by turning the comments into personal arguments between you and other commenters and that is becoming a problem.

 Look at the length of this comment thread, how virtually none of these comments has anything to with the blog post, and how no one else is commenting on this post. You are free to hold whatever opinions you have. You may host your own blog and make whatever statements you wish to make. I do not think you advance your cause by hijacking a comment thread on this blog. One of the great dangers of policing thought and comment is that it only pushes the worst of these under the radar. Instead of doing this, address your cause in a thoughtful and polite manner in your own forum. I know that I have never countenanced hate or loathing against anyone, no matter how strongly I have disagreed with them or their values.


That is the entire point, Pastor Peters: If you can act (as the moderator) against “those who abuse the forum” you can act as moderator against those who abuse gay and lesbian Americans with their vile hate speech (on your blog).

Bottom line: I don’t think you care.


Would Rev. Peters “moderate” racist, hateful slurs against African-Americans on his blog?  Would Rev. Peters “moderate” hateful, anti-Semitic comments about Jews on his blog?

For instance, what if one of Rev. Peters’ readers made this comment:

“African-American men prey on confused, hormone laden young white women and convince them that it is a choice and encourage mixed-race sexual relationships even if for a “trial” to determine if they will like sex with any and all races.  Soon, we’ll be commenting on even more depravity, which will make mixed-race sexual encounters seem bland by comparison.”

I don’t think this comment would last long on Pastor Peters’ blog because the NAACP would come knocking on his door protesting his tacit endorsement of this hate speech.  So why doesn’t Pastor Peters moderate similar hateful, unfounded, bigoted statements against gays and lesbians?

Answer:  Sadly, because the good pastor himself is a bigot.

This encounter with Rev. Peters is more evidence that trying to reason with bigots serves no purpose whatsoever.  Bigots only react to public shaming.

The campaign to end hate speech in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod continues.  It will most likely be a long, hard struggle.  But it is a worthy, and noble struggle.  Fifty years from now when my children and grandchildren look back on what I have done with my life, I want them to say, “He made a difference.  He fought for Justice and Truth.  He helped the persecuted and oppressed.” 

I do not want them to say, “He said and did nothing for fear of being unpopular with the status quo.”


Pastor Peters said…
There is another bottom line, Gary. You do not know me. Again, you do not know who I contacted to tone down the rhetoric. I would be happy to continue this discussion privately but little light is being generated here — only heat.

Pastor Peters

Gary said…

If it is true that you have asked some of your readers to refrain from using hate speech, I applaud you, Pastor Peters. I say that sincerely.

Happy New Year.



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