Rev. Larry Beane of LCMS blog "Gottesdienst" may not care if the LCMS is placed on a Hate Group List, but the average LCMS parishioner will

Desperate people (like Gary) who crave attention often parasite themselves into the comments of successful blogs with links to their own writings.

It’s just one more way to ‘spam.’ It’s also a show of desperation on the part of those who resent that we believers can articulate our faith and have freedom of speech.

I have never spammed an Atheist website, or any other, for that matter.

Some of those who disagree with us would silence is by any means necessary: spam, harassment, trying to criminalize our faith, etc. If it were a few centuries ago, the Garys of this world would make use of the stake and the thumbscrew.

I encourage all Garys to have blogs, to write freely and passionately regarding their beliefs, and to respect the equal free speech of all others no matter what their religion or views on marriage may be.

I am a former LCMS Lutheran who is appalled by the hateful activities of a significant number of LCMS clergy. I am not trying to funnel “views” to my blog. I am pointing out evil behavior by LCMS Churchmen, parading as the disciples of the loving and compassionate Jesus of Nazareth.

Too many LCMS clergy enjoy participating in the demonization of gay and lesbian Americans, either by their own hateful speech or by allowing hateful comments from truly evil individuals such as LCMS layman “Carl Vehse”, aka Richard Strickert of Austin, Texas.

I am not trying to convince LCMS pastors that homosexuality is not a sin. I am not trying to convince LCMS pastors to use the term “gay” instead of “homosexual”. What I am trying to convince, and if necessary…shame…LCMS pastors from engaging in is the vilification of fellow, law-abiding citizens of this country.

Hate speech involves the following:

–perpetuating false myths about a particular group of people, for instance stating that all or most gay men prey on adolescent boys to seduce and convert them (a felony). You will find this obnoxious, hateful myth plastered on several LCMS websites. You will also see gays/homosexuals referred to as “perverts”, “sodomites”, “degenerates”, “boy sodomizers”, and more on these “Christian” blogs. This is hate speech.

I am currently reviewing the websites of the most prominent LCMS pastors and university professors looking for hate speech. Currently I am reviewing Larry Peter’s, Pastoral Meanderings, Gene Veith’s Cranach, Mark Suburgs’, Suburg’s Blog, and the notorious bad boys of the LCMS, The Brothers of John the Steadfast. The amount of Hate Speech on these blogs is massive! Again, it is NOT hate speech to consider homosexuality a sin and unbiblical behavior for Christians. It is the demonization of people who choose to disregard your religious position on this issue, that is hate speech.

I would suggest that you review Gottesdienst and remove any Hate Speech which (inadvertenty, I’m sure) may have found its way onto your blog. All LCMS Hate Speech will be presented to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the ACLU.

Take a look at the website of the SPLC and you will see ten categories of comments that are defined as hate speech. So far I have found LCMS comments, from LCMS pastors or their readers (who are never censured by the pastor/owner of the blog), meeting nine of the ten Hate Speech categories.

You and your avid readers may not care if the SPLC and ACLU list the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod as a Hate Group, but I will bet that the average LCMS layperson will. Mrs. Bumgartner will no longer enjoy her weekly ladies’ tea if everyone in the room is buzzing about how she belongs to a religious group that is now the moral equivalent of the KKK.

Think about that before you brush me off again. Pastor.

(above comment erased on Gottesdienst by Pastor Beane)

You can continue erasing my comments, Pastor Beane, but you will not stop the march for equality and freedom for ALL people, including equality and freedom for gay and lesbian people, supported by the overwhelming majority of the American people, who demand an end to the hate speech and hateful behavior of you and people like you.

We defeated your ancestors, the Slavers.
We defeated your grandparents, the Segregationists.
And we will defeat YOU, the Fundamentalists.

We SHALL overcome you.


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