"Carl Vehse", the Poster Child of LCMS Hate Speech, complains of being Persecuted

“Carl Vehse”
aka, Klansman Karl
aka, Richard Strickert, Austin, Texas
LCMS layperson and Poster Child of LCMS Hate Speech

Excerpt from the comment section of LCMS Pastor Larry Peter’s blog, Pastoral Meanderings

Carl Vehse said… Is there a confessional Lutheran checklist of individual sins, weighed by their relative evilness, which a LCMS pastor can use to make sure he takes affirmative action on condemning each and every one appropriately without skipping over or showing favoritism in condemning any particular one. Lutherans should expect all sins to have equal opportunity for condemnation by their pastor.Such a list would even include hate-mongering Gary’s 8th commandment-violation.

 Gary said… Instead of crying over mean persecution of your Hate Speech, Richard, you should fall on your knees and repent of your un-Jesus-like behavior. You are the poster child of Hate Speech in the LCMS.I am currently reviewing all articles written by LCMS pastors which vilify and demonize gays and lesbians to present them to the Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLU, and other human rights organizations. Your moniker, “Carl Vehse”, pops up frequently among these ugly comments.

Referring to homosexuality as a sin is NOT hate speech. Referring to homosexuality as unbiblical is not hate speech. Preaching and teaching that Christians should not engage in homosexual acts is not hate speech.But demonizing people who disregard your personal religious standards on sexual behavior by referring to them as “boy sodomizers” is hate speech, and these words came directly out of YOUR mouth, Richard. I’ll be happy to give you the reference.I intend to send a copy of your hate speech to chapters of the ACLU, NAACP, (I’m sure they will love your “melanin” comments) and the Human Rights Campaign in Austin, and to your physics association.

You have a right to spew hate, but we have the right to expose you for the hateful, bigot that you appear to be. Prove me wrong and repent/recant right here, right now on Pastor Peters blog. And while we are at it, Pastor Peters should join you in repentance and recant his tacit support of such hate speech on his blog.

Anonymous said…  What i can’t figure out is why blog owners have not yet banned the Richard (Carl Vehse). He is one of the most obnoxious, spiteful, unchristian posters I have read anywhere he post. I keep praying he will leave the LCMS and make it a better place.

Gary said…  Dear Anonymous:  The reason that “Carl Vehse”, or as I prefer to call him, Klansman Karl, has not been banned from Pastor Peters’ blog, Gene Veith’s blog, The Brothers of John the Steadfast blog, Pastor Mark Surburg’s blog, and others, is because these pastors, deep down. LOATHE homosexuals. To see a homosexual causes their skin to crawl and their stomachs to churn. In short, deep down, maybe only subconsciously, many LCMS pastors HATE gay people.
Yes, the official LCMS motto is: “Hate the sin, but love the sinner” but this attitude really only applies to the sexual sins of Adultery, Divorce, and Fornication. LCMS pastors need to repent of their hate for this one category of “sinners”. Jesus NEVER once used hate speech against persons involved in sexual sins, so why do LCMS pastors routinely say or allow their readers to say the most vicious, vile things about a group of “sinners” whom Jesus loves?LCMS pastors need to take a refresher course on how to treat gays and lesbians with the love of Christ. I am not asking LCMS pastors to endorse or condone homosexuality. I am not asking LCMS pastors to use the term “gay”; they can use the term “homosexual”.
 All I am asking LCMS pastors is to repent of their vilification/demonization of gays and lesbians by promoting hateful stereotypes (“all gay men want to seduce adolescent boys”—a crime) and ask them to stop using hate terms such as “perverts”, “sodomites”, “boy sodomizers”, “degenerates”, etc. An LCMS pastor may not say these slurs himself on his blog, but if he allows this hate speech on his blog without any censure or condemnation, and eventual banishment, he is guilty of having said the hateful slur himself.
Repent, LCMS Pastors! Your behavior towards gays and lesbians is a shameful cancer on the reputation of the loving, compassionate Jesus of Nazareth.


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