Kudos to Rev. Paul T. McCain, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.


Anyone who has been reading this blog and living within our solar system for the last few months knows that I have a strong dislike for the Publisher and Executive Editor of the official publishing house of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Concordia Publishing House, Rev. Paul T. McCain.  I believe that this man has tolerated, condoned and even said himself,  ugly, vile anti-gay hate speech, in particular, when he equated the legal recognition of same-sex relationships to man-boy rape and bestiality in a Cyberbrethren article in 2003.  So when I came across the comment below made by Rev. McCain in an article I found today during my perusal of the massive quantity of anti-Gay Hate Speech on the fundamentalist, LCMS dominated blog, The Brothers of John the Steadfast….I was literally blown away!  Is it possible that this mean-talking man actually has a heart of compassion for same-sex attracted people??

Rev. McCain is responding to a published article of a real frothing-at-the-mouth gay and lesbian hater, Rev. Mark Preus, LCMS, who had just posted a long diatribe against any and all Americans, straight or gay, who condone and support gay marriage. 

I hope I don’t run into to many more of these “nice guy” comments by Rev. McCain.  It would be a disaster if I actually have to end up liking this guy!

Click here to read Rev. (if he can be called that) Mark Preus’ entire article, found here on The Brothers of John the Steadfast BlogA Letter to Advocates of Sodomy

 Rev. Paul (T. McCain)

I’ve been poking Mark (Preus, LCMS pastor) pretty hard about his letter. I do not disagree with the points he is making, but I reject the manner in which is making his points. Would it actually serve a useful purpose in a ministry to homosexuals and their families? No, it would not. Not at all.

It’s that simple.

Writing blustery letters like this one is viscerally satisfying, and those who would agree with it anyway, will applaud and tell Mark, “You tell ‘em, Mark! What a bold letter! You are so faithful!”

But, in the sense of actually accomplishing anything by way of genuinely faithful outreach to those trapped in the homosexual lifestyle…nope, not going to do any good.

I’d say let’s all chip in to a collection to pay for Mark’s trip out to San Francisco, for a couple weeks, and encourage him to hand this letter out as he visits gay bars and other hang outs.

But, he would not have to go that far, just send him here to St. Louis and I’ll ask my neighbor two door downs to invite him into her home to have him read his letter to her, in front of her two young boys. My neighbor is a lesbian whose lover moved out a few years ago. She was artificially inseminated.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.

I’d love to hear the results.

Sound good, Mark??

I’m going to go way, way out on a limb here and say that I highly doubt that Faith Lutheran Church in Plano, Texas has a vibrant ministry to homosexuals and their families in their community and that there are probably not many recovering homosexuals in their congregation. And if they want to keep it that way, I suggest that distribute photocopies of this letter to all the visitors who may darken the door of the church on a Sunday.

I find the letter self-righteous, egotistic, pretentious, bombastic and overwrought demagoguery. It is not praise worthy or commendable. It is embarrassing, shallow and reflects poorly on a pastor’s ministry if he actually is putting this forward as something he is suggesting we should use in ministry to homosexuals and their families.

Other than that, I think it is really a great letter.


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