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Peddler of Hate

Purveyor of Hate

The focus of this blog has changed. 

In the past, the focus was sharing my deconversion story from Fundamentalist Christianity.  The new focus is as an online campaign to defeat religious Fundamentalism, in particular, to shed light on religion-inspired Hate Speech.

My current focus is the demonization/vilification of gays and lesbians in the websites and blogs of fundamentalist Christians.

I am not at war with the Christian religion. The majority of Christians in this country are not fundamentalists.  I am at war with the Purveyors and Peddlers of Hate, Discrimination, and Bigotry in the ugly, ugly world of Fundamentalism.


Prophet of Superstition and Ignorance


The majority of Christians in this country are good, caring people who do not favor legislating their holy book’s morality and superstitions onto everyone else in society.

So, I have decided, not to allow any commenting.  Why?

Several reasons:

1.  It gives a free public forum for Haters to publish more hate speech.
2.  Debating, arguing, and condemning the Haters takes valuable time away from the battle against Religion-inspired Hate.
3.  Having daily “food fights” with Haters and Bigots has a negative psychological toll.  The purpose of most of their comments is not to debate the issues, but to tear down and silence their critic.  By allowing them to comment I am aiding and abetting the enemy.

Peddler of Hate


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