Top Official of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod compares loving Gay Relationships to Pederasty and Bestiality

From:  Concordia Publish House
Official publishing house of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod
Paul T. McCain, Publisher and Editor
August 8, 2003

The Reverend, Paul T. McCain
Publisher & Executive Director of Editorial,
Concordia Publishing House
 Official publishing house of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod
Ordained minister and a member of leadership in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod


Where This Begins . . . And Ends

Some reflections on the week’s events at the Episcopalian Church USA’s

The one very important thing to note that has not been clearly pointed out is that the ECUSA headed down this slippery slope when they approved the ordination of women years ago. And of course this was all made possible when they embraced the higher critical method of Biblical interpretation decades before. When the binding authority of the Sacred Scriptures is rejected, the result is nearly inevitable. The ECUSA has given aid and comfort, for decades, to heretics like Bishop Spong.

Therefore, the level of “shock” at the most recent turn of events in the ECUSA is really not justified, given their history over the past several decades. Why any church that calls itself “Lutheran” would even think of full communion with the ECUSA is simply beyond my ability to comprehend.

The ordination of women as pastors has led, yes, even demands, the ordination of homosexuals. If Scripture’s clear statements that prohibit the ordination of women as pastors can be ignored, or reinterpreted, so  also every verse that speaks negatively about homosexuals.

What’s next? One shudders to think. What is there in Scripture that would prohibit a loving, consenting relationship between boys and men? Or who can now judge the love shared among multiple couples of various genders, all sharing a group marriage? Who dares to impose their interpretation on such things? Who can say such things are sin if love there is enjoyed and expressed? As the homosexual bishop put it, who could say all these expressions of love are not gifts from God and hence sacramental? What about bestiality? Can we say that this is not also an avenue for God’s sacramental love expressed between his creatures? The same thinking, the same principles, the same presuppositions and logic, require all these things to be accepted as well. Otherwise, how could they avoid the charge of being close-minded, treating Scripture as a rulebook, practicing “proof texting” and the like.

The ordination of women in the church is a failed experiment of monumental proportions. It is responsible for the importation into the church of alien doctrines of theology (the doctrine of God), anthropology (the doctrine of man) and Christology (the doctrine of Christ), etc. It has introduced a feminist world-view that twists and distorts the Biblical text. The qualification for the pastoral office, that the office holder be a male, is very clear. Discarding this Biblical mandate has led to a whole host of other theological distortions, errors and heresies…

Source:  here

Note:  It is true that this statement by Rev. McCain was made more than ten years ago.  The question is:  Has Rev. McCain recanted this vile statement?  Has Rev. McCain apologized to gay and lesbian Americans for implying that their adult relationships are the moral equivalent to the molestation and rape of adolescent boys and with bestiality?

One thought on “Top Official of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod compares loving Gay Relationships to Pederasty and Bestiality

  1. Hi Gary,

    The source was from 2003. Are these still McCain's views? His views represented in the source are very extreme. How would granting same-sex oriented persons the right to marry lead on to the right for people to commit bestiality?

    Apparently, Pastor McCain sees the ordination of women as a root problem then leading to demands for same-sex marriage and possibly onto sex between men and boys and then to bestiality.

    Pastor McCain really blames departure from the inerrancy of the bible (however nuanced he may hold this doctrine) as the real problem. He sees the ordination of women as contrary to a historical- grammatical interpretation of the bible. He calls the ordination of women the feminisation of scripture.

    Pastor McCain knows full well that the bible was written by human beings and the so-called revelation of God was given in different cultural contexts and socio-economic formations than today. If the ordination of women and their full equality is a slippery slope and leads logically to the other views, why does he not support a return to slavery?

    Doesn't the OT say that Israelites could have slaves from foreigners? Doesn't Paul say that slaves are to obey their masters? Didn't many Evangelicals in America's southern states resist calls for the abolition of slavery by saying that this move would be opposed to the bible and lead down the slippery slope to other dire consequences for society?

    When some Christians tried to find theological arguments to support abolition and presented them, there were loud screams from many conservatives that the theological support for abolition and the hermeneutical procedures used were 'heresy'. Yet today, I know of no Evangelicals that would support the return to slavery except a few theonomists /Dominionists.

    There was a book published about 20-30 years ago called Slavery, Sabbath, Women and War by an Anabaptist author (I can't remember the exact title or the name of the author) which set out the different views and hermeneutical procedures used.

    This book contrasted what the author called a 'liberationist hermeneutic' with an 'hierarchical hermeneutic'. Those opposed to slavery and war (pacifist) and supported women's ordination had a liberation hermeneutic, and those who support hierarchical interpretations were opposed to abolitionism and to women's ordination and support just war theory.

    There is no need for pastor McCain to think that the call for same-sex marriage in faithful covenantal relationships or the ordination of faithful Christian homosexuals or the ordination of faithful Christian lesbians is going to lead to sex between men and boys nor to a call for bestiality rights. This kind of hysteria is based on fear.


    John Arthur


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