Pastor Larry Peters, Grace Lutheran Church, Clarksville, Tennessee, endorses "keeping perverts (gays) in check"

Larry Peters
LCMS pastor, Grace Lutheran Church
Clarksville, TN

Pastor Peters:  here

The media has taken great pains to include gays in ways that mask the very small minority GLABT people are in comparison to the whole of American society.  Why there are those (do you have a reference to a source for this statement, Pastor Peters?) who believe there are as many GLABT folks out there in the American population as there are Black or Hispanic in the American ethnic mix.  GLABT make up well below 10% of the population — some would argue no more than 5% — yet their voice and their presence in the media belies that small number.  Here a news show gives significant coverage to what is an anomaly, an oddity, or miniscule minority among American families.  Yet, the very showing of this story (about a polyamorous family) gives it a presence and credibility larger than life.  Just because you can find someone doing it, does not make it normal and does not portend the future shape of the American family.  Lets be honest here.  That is all I ask. 


Cafeteria Lutheran

Good point. Most people are tired of having homosexuality pushed in their faces. It builds resentment. What happened to the powerful voices of the Evangelicals that kept these perverts in check.  (hate speech!)

Why do public schools and public universities spend so much time and taxpayer money advocating the gay agenda. Are there federal grants that are funding them. What does this have to do with learning how to read, write, and how to do Math?

What is the LCMS doing to ensure that its (younger) members choose to reject homosexuality and strive to embrace the traditional family. How are young people supposed to respond when confronted with immoral values being pushed on them as “normal.” In addition to catechesis, perhaps a required unit on marriage, relationships, and the family is in order.

Lutheran Desert Rat

While I get your point about the media pointing to the most extreme as normal, those who struggle with homosexuality I do not think are to the right of the decimal point. While unscientific, among my friend family acquaintances, I calculate the number at about 3%. A couple of them are by choice, celibate, four of them have been in long term partnerships (15 years or more) without children and one is a single parent. One is the “flamboyant” parade type. I guess my point is not so much what the percentage is, but to recognize that a significant portion of the population does have to struggle with the reality of homosexuality.


 I do understand that Lutheran pastors teach that a sin is a sin is a sin, and we are all worthy of damnation regardless of the sin. God supposedly does not have a slide rule system ranking some sins to be worse than others. Yet I wonder if Sodom would have been spared if all of the people in it were not homosexual.  (Stupidity alert!  The Bible does not say that every man, woman, and child living in Sodom was homosexual.)

Gary:  Note that Pastor Peters does not delete or reprimand the comment above by one of his readers that “perverts need to be kept in check”, which sounds an awful lot like this statement, repeated frequently by bigots of another era:   “Those Coloreds need to be kept in their place.”

Attention Pastor Peters:  If you operate a moderated blog (which you do), and you allow your fellow conservative Christian readers to leave comments containing hate speech; hate speech which you, as blog owner, author, and moderator, do not reprimand, flag, hide, or delete,  then you, sir, are enabling, endorsing, and publishing Hate Speech.

Citizens United Against Religious Hate Speech will make sure that every member of your community is aware of your hateful, un-American activities, unless you immediately apologize, cease, and desist from your despicable behavior.


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