LCMS Lutherans howling over perceived persecution (criticism) of their Hate Speech



Anonymous LCMS Lutheran, on Pastor Larry Peters’ Pastoral Meanderings blog:

…I want to let you know that he (Gary) is only looking for attention and is not open to reason. He has repeatedly displayed this tendency by flouncing around mad posting vile things, says he is quitting when people don’t do what he wants, and then shows up a few days later saying outrageous things to get a response. His pattern of behavior has resulted in his banning elsewhere.  (Read more here)


“How the Persecutor doth howl when persecution is turned back on him.”

Call me mad. Call me crazy. Call me a troll.

I am an ex-member of a Cult. I intend expose my former cult for it’s vile hate-mongering, peddled by pastors using pseudonyms and laypersons named “anonymous”. I intend to make sure that the American people see Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod as synonymous with Klansmen, Neo-Nazi’s, and hate-spewing fundamentalist Islamic mullahs.

The good people in the LCMS (the silent majority) need to stand up to the agents of Hate and say enough. I suggest you start at the top with the most vocal and obnoxious hate-spewing bigot in the LCMS: Paul T. McCain, Publisher and Editor of Concordia Publishing House, Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod.

It is amazing how LCMS pastors and blog authors will ban or threaten banishment for “trolls” critical of their right-wing agendas, but never say a word to the peddlers of Hate such as Carl Vehse and Father Dipshit.


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