Why does Pastor Larry Peters of Grace Lutheran Church, Clarksville, Tennessee, promote Hate Speech?

Citizens United Against

       Religious Hate Speech
Everytown, USA

December 15, 2014

Rev. Larry Peters

Grace Lutheran Church
Clarkesville, TN

Rev. Peters:

It has come to our attention that you engage in the production and/or enabling of hate speech on your internet blog.

Larry Peters
LCMS pastor, Grace Lutheran Church
Clarksville, TN

Let us be clear, we have no concern with your beliefs.  Under the Constitution of our great and wonderful country, you are free to believe whatever you choose, no matter how disturbing, revolting, or ignorant we or anyone else may perceive your beliefs to be.  For instance:

—If you believe that it is a sin/immoral for persons to work or travel on your religion’s holy day, that is your right.

—If you believe that it is a sin/immoral for women to appear in public without being fully covered except for their eyes, that is your right.

—And if you believe that all sexual activity outside of marriage is a sin/ immoral that is your right.

We also support your right to free speech.  We support your right to say, teach, and preach the above beliefs in your homes, in your places of worship, in your schools, and on the street corner if you so choose.

What we have a problem with is when you or any other religious group attempts to impose your beliefs and standards of morality upon the rest of us or upon a small minority of us.  We believe your activities are immoral.  And more than that, we believe that your activities are un-American!

We do not intend to stand by and let you trample the Constitution of our great nation under foot; desecrating the ideals that so many thousands of American soldiers have died to preserve for the last two hundred plus years; or watch while your hateful speech and actions rip Old Glory, the universal standard of justice and liberty for all, to pieces.  We do not intend to allow you to impose the moral standards of Bronze Age middle-eastern goat and sheep-herding nomads upon twenty-first century America.

If you believe that homosexuality is a sin; that it is immoral; that your God condemns it; we have no intention of interfering with your constitutional right to believe and state your position on this issue.  But, when you start vilifying, demonizing, and promoting legislation to deny the equal and civil rights of any American simply because he or she chooses to defy your ancient, Fertile Crescent moral standards, then we will stand up to your hate-mongering and bigoted behavior.

Until you publically apologize and cease promoting, condoning, and enabling hate speech against other law-abiding Americans, our organization intends to send a copy of your hateful rhetoric to members of your community including your city council, your mayor, your church council, your superintendent of public schools, and others.

All patriotic, liberty-loving Americans must stand up to your brand of hate, prejudice, and intolerance.


Citizens United Against Religious Hate Speech




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