Rev. Larry Peters of Grace Lutheran, Clarksville, Tennessee, may preach God’s love for Gay people, but allows his blog readers to demonize them

Larry Peters
LCMS pastor, Grace Lutheran Church
Clarksville, TN

Excerpt from Pastor Petershere

“There is no freedom at all when the fullness of human identity is reduced to a choice between or a stopping point on the spectrum of heterosexuality and homosexuality.  When the church is forced to give permission to all or to choose one point on this polarity and say “this is what it means to be human” we are in a pretty sorry state.  An identity distinguished essentially by our genital sexual desires is but a sign of the depth to which we have fallen because of sin and how little is left to us of the promise of our creation in the Garden of Eden.

There abide these three — faith, hope, and love, and the greatest of these is love.  Love, not desire.  Love shaped by sacrifice, not indulgence.  Love marked by suffering willingly borne, not perfect pleasure.  Love which looks like a cross, even when, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, we wear it by baptism and faith.”   —Pastor Larry Peters


Anonymous said…
Well said

I would add this, however, if I, as a same sex attracted Christian, am to remove my identity from my desires to the cross and resurrection of Christ through baptism, I will need the help of other Christians to do that. I can not see my identity in baptism if my fellow Christians continue to force my identity back into my desires. By that i mean, if you as a straight Christian continue to regard your own desires as “natural” and mine as “perverted” then i will never be able to break free of my identity in my desires because you will continue to treat me as weird and, literally, “queer” whether you intend to or not. Only if you are willing to admit that your own desires, beyond that toward your spouse, are every bit as perverted as mine will you begin to treat me as a fellow Christians and brother in Christ through the cross and baptism.

David Gray:  (aka Pastor Peters?)

Very close. When a man lusts after a woman who is not his wife that is a perversion of the created sexual order. It is not as severe a perversion as the desire of a man for a man because there are at least theoretical circumstances in which it could be legitimately consummated. That is never true of the desire of a man for a man. 


Actually, David, that is a bunch of bullcrap. Both the ancient Jews and the early Christian writers included not only homosexual behavior under “unnatural” but prostitution, adultery, incest, and even non-procreative forms of sex between a man and his wife. Further, the distinction was based solely on behavior and choices, not at all on desire. The only time Christ directly condemns lust the Greek construction clearly indicates intentional “looking to lust.” The whole nonsense that one “temptation” can be considered “more of a perversion” than another is a falsely constructed modern load of shit that has everything to do with modern romantic psychology and a perversion of the Christian teaching of “natural law” and nothing at all to do with the Bible. So how about we stick with the biblical texts and knock off the crap?

David Gray:  (aka Pastor Peters?)

Sure, “anonymous” if you want to argue that a child taking a cookie is on the same level as working at Auschwitz, knock yourself out. And there is a sense in which that is true. All sin brings death. But if you want to argue that either the New Testament or the Levitical law treated all sexual sin as being essentially interchangeable then you are, respectfully, nuts. Or utterly ignorant. Either way perhaps you should improve your manners. Discourtesy can be a sin as well.

Excerpt from Pastor Petershere

My point is not the political angle but the pumped up rhetoric of (Archbishop) Tutu (who had said he didn’t want to go to a heaven that condemned homosexuality).  It is shocking enough for a Christian figure to suggest that hell were preferable to a heaven faithful to the Word of the Lord and the consistent Christian witness in history with regard to homosexual acts.  In addition, it is an incendiary statement to lump all those opposed to gay marriage and the full gay liberation agenda with homophobes.  Is it not possible to be against the implications of full equality with respect to marriage and family for homosexuals and not be homophobic?

Excerpt from Pastor Peters  here

Not much happiness among the gay


You might think that GLBT folk would be, well, gay!  After all they have succeeded in transforming public opinion, turning the tide for gay marriage, breaking through nearly every barrier of business, industry, and government (even sports), and entering the mainstream.  But apparently there is little happiness among the gay.

They made sure that Duck Dynasty folks got their comeuppance.  They forced a photographer to pay a fine for not wishing to have a GLBT couple as a customer.  They have succeeded in ejecting a CEO from Mozilla.  But they are not happy until everyone who does not agree with them gives up.

A group that cries for tolerance but which is itself rigidly intolerant of dissent.  Hmmmm….  Is that not what the Christians are accused of?  It would seem that the gays are not happy at all — even with their successes.  They will be no gaiety in the houses of the GLBT until everyone agrees with them.  There are other groups who have acted this way in the past and still but we call them bigots.  You can disagree with the GLBT positions but you cannot serve in business, industry, sports, media, or government.  In fact disagreeing with the GLBT lobby is grounds for disqualifying nearly everyone from the public square in America.  How is it that we call them a minority?

Gary’s comment on this post excerpt:  Stupid, bigoted, nonsense.
I have a challenge for all readers:  Re-read this last excerpt from Pastor Peters, and in place of “gays” substitute “Jews” or “African-Americans”.  Let’s try just a few lines:
“But African-Americans are not happy until everyone who does not agree with them gives up.”
Yea, Pastor Peters, African-Americans are not going to be happy (satisfied) until they have shut down and shut up every racist bigot in this country.  And I say…”Good for them!  That is the goal when you are fighting Hate:  Total and complete capitulation and defeat!”

Pastor D’s comment:  (Maybe the “D” stands for bigoted DIPSHIT!)

This is not the primary reason there is no gaiety among the gay. To be truly gay, in the classical sense of the word, is to be happy. There can be no true happiness in a lifestyle that is focused on self-seeking, sexual promiscuity, and a denial of God.

Even if the LBGT folks persuaded 99% of the population to agree with them, such that they got their way in every one of their demands, they would not be happy. They cannot be happy.

Look where their focus in life is: seeking sexual pleasure through as many different sexual partners as they can manage. How can this possibly lead to happiness? The only thing they have to give to another is AIDS, which is hardly a gift!  (Hate speech)

Fr. D+
Anglican Priest

Gary:  Father Dipshit has just spewed unadulterated hate speech (“all gays give one another is AIDS”) and where is Pastor Peters’ rebuke?  Answer:  No where to be found!


So, God saves all “straight” people by grace alone, but “gay” people can only be saved as long they remain celibate? Wouldn’t this make their salvation based on works? Interesting, especially for Lutherans. And, regardless of where one stands on the issue, a statement such as, “The only thing they have to give one another is AIDS, which is hardly a gift!” (Fr. D) is repugnant and un-Christian.

Gary:  And where is Pastor Peters’ comment, rebuking Father Dipshit or praising the Anonymous commenter’s rebuke of Father Dipshit?  Answer:  No where to be found!

Gary’s Analysis:  Larry Peters, pastor of Grace Lutheran Church, Clarkesville, Tennessee, and author of the LCMS blog, Pastoral Meanderings, preaches Jesus love and compassion out of one side of his mouth, while allowing his blog readers to vilify, demonize, and bash  gay and lesbian Americans at will out of the other.

Larry Peters is a hate-mongering bigot…and we will make sure that everyone in Clarksville, Tennessee, knows it!


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