Woe to the Fundamentalist Christian Peddlers of Hate. Your time is running out. Society has had its fill of you.

United States Constitution
ALL men and women have the right
to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…not just
those who worship and abide by the Bronze Age morality
of your ancient middle-eastern god.

This is what freedom and liberty loving people of good conscience in our great, democratic nation must do: We must shame the filthy, vile, Merchants of Hate; those who hide behind their high office and fancy titles, spewing their hate speech from their pulpits and computers in the belief that their religious high office excuses them from being held accountable for their hate crimes.

We must pursue these evil adherents of superstition-based hate; we must relentlessly hound them; relentlessly shout them down; so harshly and so mercilessly counterattacking them, that their children and grand-children will tremble in fear to dare walk the gauntlet of public humiliation, revulsion, and loathing that awaits them, and will therefore choose to refrain from following in their parents’ and grandparents’ vile footsteps. 

We did this to the Segregationists.  We can do it to the Fundamentalists.

We must strip away all social respectability and lofty title from the Purveyors and Peddlers of Hate.

So if you are a fundamentalist/orthodox/conservative Christian Church official, and you engage in hate speech, you no longer deserve to be addressed by the title of: “Pastor”, “Reverend”, “Father” or “Bishop”.  No.  You simply deserve to be addressed as “Bigot.”


We must make you appear to the world as no more virtuous than the Klansman or the Neo-Nazi.  Just as the social acceptability and respectability of Segregationism has collapsed and disappeared, so too your days of respectability are numbered, Fundamentalist Christian.

Woe to you, Bigot.  Woe to you, Purveyor of Religion-inspired hate speech.  The good people of the United States of America have tired of you.  And Citizens United Against Religious Hate Speech is closely monitoring you.

Enemies of a free and democratic society.

One thought on “Woe to the Fundamentalist Christian Peddlers of Hate. Your time is running out. Society has had its fill of you.

  1. I pretty much agree with your sentiments here – especially in the case of the fundamental evangelical peddlers of hate and fear … problem is that many moderate/liberal believers will get caught up and falsely branded/accused of similar bigotry … and while I'm not sure it's unwarranted, in practice, they really hold none of the similar tenants and beliefs the fundies do. In short, I think a campaign like what you call for will collect up a lot of people who don't hold such prejudicial and bigoted beliefs in the dragnet. You see, moderate/liberal believers use the very same basis – the bible – as foundation for their belief even though a larger majority does NOT spew vile hate but instead embraces love and equality. That said, as long as there is a bible, there will always be folks that will interpret it in a way as to cause the most harm and division among ALL humanity (same goes for other religions and their texts).

    Where does the line get drawn?

    Thankfully, our founding fathers did the heavy lifting and already drew the line – everyone is free to worship as they chose – but that right stops the moment you infringe on someone else's right to worship or not worship – what really infuriates me is how many legislators bring their brand of religion into the legislating/governing chambers with them … it should be a hard, fast rule that if the source for your belief is a religious text (or interpretation of that text) it instantly becomes null and void as a potential law. It use to be that all bills/laws had a foundation in legal/scientific/secular motivations – but these days it seems that since “majority rules” they can pass any theologically based idea by shaming even the most nominal believers into voting for such legislation, and that, to me, where the true insidiousness lies … we're becoming a plutocratic theocracy and if we don't call or throw out these theocrats, we will find ourselves outcasts (if not outlaws) in the “Christian States of America”


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