Why does Pastor Eric Ash of Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, Beaver Falls, PA, hate Gay People?

Pastor Eric Ash

Mt. Olive Evangelical Lutheran Church
2679 Darlington Road
Beaver Falls, PA 15010


“The term Fundamentalism gets thrown around quite a bit.  Most people who use it have no idea what it really means.  Just recently I got a hate filled blog comment from a homophilic atheist misusing the term.”   —Pastor Eric Ash, on his blog, The Sheep Dog’s Spot


When someone says that they are a “francophile” or “francophilic” that infers that they love the French and everything about the French;  in common slang, we would say that this person is a “French-lover”.  When someone says that they are a “germ-phobe” we take that to mean that they hate germs: they are a “germ-hater“. 
So when Pastor Eric Ash of Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, refers to a fellow human being as a “homophile” what does he mean?  It sure sounds as if Pastor Ash is labeling the atheist in question in his statement above as a “homo-lover”, doesn’t it?  Pastor Ash’s statement also seems to infer that he considers being a “homo-lover” as something bad. 
So if Pastor Ash considers being a “homo-lover” bad, then does Pastor Ash consider being a “homophobe” good? And, isn’t  “homophobe” just an intellectual’s fancy term for “homo-hater”, “gay-hater”, or “fag-hater”?
Now, neither I, nor the members of Citizens United Against Religious Hate Speech, would attempt to deny, nor would we protest against, Pastor Ash’s right to believe that homosexuality is immoral and a sin. Neither would we attempt to deny, nor would we protest against, Pastor Ash’s right to teach and preach that homosexuality is immoral and a sin in his church or in his religious schools.  This is protected free speech.
But, what we will protest against is the use of Hate Speech against fellow Americans who have done nothing other than to defy the Bronze Age sexual mores of ancient middle-eastern goat and sheep herders, and, have offended the self-righteous sensibilities of the modern-day, twenty-first century, ultra-conservative and literalist followers of this ancient, superstitious, middle-eastern religion—whose bigoted and hateful actions are an affront to democracy, freedom, and the “justice and liberty for all” thinking of the overwhelming majority of the wonderful people of the great state of Pennsylvania, and in this, the greatest nation on earth, the United States of America!
How is it that a man who claims to be the earthly representative of the loving and compassionate Jesus of Nazareth; who leads children in the praises of a Benevolent and Just Creator on Sunday mornings; is lurking on the internet, pseudo-anonymously, Monday through Saturday, promoting hate speech against Gay and Lesbian Americans??
Shame on Pastor Eric Ash and on his Christian congregation in Beaver Falls, if they are aware of his activities, for allowing him to perpetuate this vile, “un-Jesus-like”, Hate Speech.
Second Update:  Dec. 11, 2014, Thursday, 8:30 PM, PST
Several anonymous readers are furious, accusing me of a making false accusation of “bigot” against the Lutheran pastor mentioned above.  One commenter went so far as to say this:  “Wrong pastor, wrong church, wrong city, wrong state”.
Well, let’s look at the evidence.
First, “Pastor Eric” of The Sheep Dog’s Spot fame, has just posted this new post printed below (I will intersperse comments in red).


Sadly, I was advised (By whom?  Your senior pastor?  Your church council?  Your bishop?  The LCMS?) to block a number of commentators and spammers due to inappropriate, unruly, slanderous, threatening behavior.  No one, not even me, will see, read or be offended by their comments any more.  My regrets to legitimate (fellow, gay-hating bigoted) people enjoying the blog.  I hope this causes you no inconvenience.  Appropriately registered and approved users should still be able to access all content.    —-Posted by Pastor Eric


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