The belief that "The End Justifies the Means" is WRONG…unless you are the "Good Guys"

All Americans condemn, without hesitation, the justifications of Nazis, Stalinists, the Khmer Rouge, and other genocidal regimes for their brutal, savage behavior.  But we should remember, none of the leaders if these groups were mentally deranged.  Sociopathatic, yes.  Psychotic, no.  These men were sane, rational men who committed insane, irrational, brutal acts.  These are the “Bad Guys”.  We do not accept for a second their rationalizations that what they did was in the best interest of their country and people (improved living standards, eliminating inequalities, expanded “Lebensraum”, eliminating “disruptive elements” in their society). 

Their desired “good” End (Goal) does not in any way justify the brutal means used to achieve that goal.

So what about when the “Good Guys”—the Americans—use the same justification:  “In regards to Inhanced Interrogation Techniques (Torture), the End justifies the Means.  Our (torture) techniques saved American lives.”

Now, I am not going to shed one single tear for any terrorist son-of-a-bitch, whom the CIA tortured, who had committed an act of barbarism against my fellow countrymen.  Not one tear.  But, I still think it is wrong.  I still think it is evil.  I still believe that “the End does not justify the Means.”

It is a known fact that the CIA tortured some of their own, innocent informants, by accident, using these enhanced interrogation techniques…for weeks!  These men had done nothing wrong!  Yet, these innocent men were subjected to painful, horrific torture!

That is the problem when any society allows and condones torture:  Innocent people, inevitably, accidently…or sometimes on purpose…, are tortured.  And, think about this, dear friend, what happens if that innocent person being brutally tortured, for days, weeks, or months on end, turns out to be…YOU!


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