Is Obama Squeezing the Russians?

Why is the price of oil falling…and falling?  Shale?  Fracking?  Hmmm.

It is said that the Soviet Union’s collapse was largely due to Ronald Reagan’s secret agreement with the Saudi’s to drastically suppress the price of oil, sending the oil revenue-dependent Soviet economy into near collapse.

Is Obama borrowing from Reagan’s playbook; punishing Putin and his Kremlin cronies for their belligerent activity in Ukraine?  The ruble is collapsing and panic is spreading through the Russian economy.  Read this article below:

Copied fromYahoo

Moscow (AFP) – Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev urged Russians to be patient Wednesday as the ruble plunged further due to falling oil prices and Western sanctions over Ukraine, and said the currency was now undervalued. 

“It’s definitely not necessary to go into hysterics,” Medvedev said in an annual televised interview.

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One thought on “Is Obama Squeezing the Russians?

  1. “Why is the price of oil falling…and falling? Shale? Fracking?”

    As I understand it, the answer to this question is actually that the Saudis are driving down prices to force western countries to abandon of curtail their development of alternative oil recovery processes like fracking, shale oil, etc. Those processes are “worth it” while gas prices are over $3 but are not cost effective when oil/gas prices are low. There also might be the added incentive to reduce oil prices which would also reduce the income of black marketers like ISIS. I don't recall the source where I heard/read that information but I'm sure it can be researched. As I understand it, Oil prices are going to continue a downward trend and remain so for some time to come.

    On another front, I find it curiously hypocritical that the Obama haters were quick to blame him for the rise of gas/oil prices (which no president has any control over) but have not given him credit for lowering them (which would also be incorrect to do – but if you're going blame him for the rise, you MUST credit him for the fall). Of course it's likely that now with prices falling, NOW they realize that the president has no control over these markets – you simply can't win against some of these people because rationality and reality is never part of the equation – it's always been about the color of the man's skin … and of course we all know how the bible describes the children of Ham … 😛


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