Which is more important: Winning souls for Atheism or Silencing the Hate Speech of Bigots?

Gary IS Satan

Advice from my online friend, DagoodS:

Gary, if your purpose is to deconvert the Lutherans, or preventing their children from following in their footsteps, I agree with sgl—this is not an effective way to do so. Indeed you put a face to their enemy; instead of an ethereal, nameless godless atheist, you present the very thing they warn their children they could become. You put a name—“Gary”—to Satan.

My response:

Hi Dagood. Thank you for the comment.

You make some very good points, but I believe that are two separate issues here: Winning souls for Atheism and trying to silence bigots.

Imagine if we were discussing this fundamentalist Christian belief: The Black Race was cursed by God when the father of the Black Race, Ham, looked upon the nakedness of his stupefied father, Noah. Due to this curse, black men today are innately evil, prone to violence, all manner of sexual promiscuity, and rape.  Therefore, the descendants of Japeth (European whites) should not mix with these evil, violent descendants of the accursed Ham (Negroes).

Ham’s sin that brought God’s curse upon the Black Race

God’s judgment on the descendants of Ham


It is a sin to allow the evil descendants of Ham
to mix with the descendants of Japeth

This vile nonsense is what I was taught as inerrant, unchanging Biblical truths, growing up as a child in the Midwest, in the 60’s in fundamentalist Christianity!

Now, what means did people of good conscience use to “shut this belief system down”?  Do you think that reasoned conversation would have changed the minds of Alabama’s Bull Connor or Mississippi’s Ross Barnett?  I don’t think so.  What did it take to defeat these bigots?  Answer:  Marches, demonstrations, boycotts, sit-ins, and relentless public shaming.  Racist Fundamentalists no longer teach their children this nonsense for one reason: the intense fear of social stigmatization of themselves and their children: “You fundies are sick, twisted, racist, ignorant, bigots!”

At this moment in time, I am not trying to convert ANYONE,   I am trying to shame ALL of them; shame them so severely that they will no longer teach their children that homosexuality is the moral equivalent of raping a twelve year old boy; that homosexuals prey on adolescents; that homosexuals in “leadership positions” (teachers…hint, hint, hint) attempt to seduce their students.

I am trying to so stigmatize this horrific, hateful mindset, that the next generation of fundamentalists may very well think that Satan’s real name is GARY, but it will never enter the minds of their children to utter one word of the vile hate speech that these bastards are so willing and eager today to splatter across the world wide web.

I seek to shame and silence, not to convert souls and win admiring followers on my twitter account or blog.

I am at war with Hate Speech and his mother Bigotry. I will use whatever legal means necessary, including profanity, to defeat them.


2 thoughts on “Which is more important: Winning souls for Atheism or Silencing the Hate Speech of Bigots?

  1. I haven't verified that number, but I agree that there is a disturbing issue of violence and crime among young black men. But the question is why?

    Are young black men violent because they have been cursed by an ancient, invisible, middle-eastern god or is it because our society brands these fellow human beings as evil the minute they stop looking like a “cute little black kid” and start looking like a man?

    I am not excusing crime and violence committed by anyone, but I believe we need to look into all the causes and remedies rationally and scientifically, not by appeals to ancient gods and superstitious scribblings on Bronze Age stone tablets.


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