Is Patrick Henry Christian College violating IRS regulations regarding Political Speech?

Citizens United Against
   Religious Hate Speech

December 9, 2014

Board of Directors

Patrick Henry College
Ten Patrick Henry Circle
Purcellville, VA 20132

RE:  Hate Speech originating and condoned from your institution

 Dear Sirs/Madams:

We are writing to make you aware of our concern regarding what we perceive to be potentially illegal political activities emanating from your tax-exempt institution.  Dr. Gene Veith, your Provost and Professor of Literature, is the author and owner of a blog entitled, Cranach, the Blog of Veith.

Dr. Veith asserts that his blog is a free and fair public forum, promoting discussion on topics ranging from social trends to politics and religion, open to all members of the online public.  We believe that a careful analysis of the content of Dr. Veith’s blog, however, will demonstrate that it is a platform for the advocacy of a conservative, right-leaning political agenda.  We also find a pattern of Dr. Veith and his conservative readers using the Patheos “flagging system for inappropriate comments” as a means to stifle any strong criticism of fundamentalist and orthodox Christian religious, social, and political positions, yet at the same time, allowing unfettered and “unflagged”, the most vile, unfounded accusations and stereotypes against gay and lesbian Americans.
We are call on your Christian institution to condemn in the strongest terms Dr. Veith’s publication and tolerance of this vile Hate Speech.

Dr. Veith’s blog contains three to five posts on average each day and Dr. Veith or someone he has appointed, moderates the blog throughout the day.  We therefore believe that it is highly unlikely that Dr. Veith is operating his blog from the basement of his home, but instead is most likely using Patrick Henry College’s computers and other property to conduct this politically biased website.

We encourage you to investigate this issue to confirm that Dr. Veith is complying with all requirements to maintain the integrity of the tax-exempt status of your fine institution.



President, Citizens United Against Religious Hate Speech (CUARHS)




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