Tell Rev. Paul T. McCain and College Provost Gene Veith to stop Vilifying Gay and Lesbian Americans

In case you have been living on another planet for the last week, I have been engaged in an online war of words with two hate-speech-peddling bigots, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod churchman, Paul T. McCain, and right wing blog host, Gene Veith, of Cranach, the Blog of Veith.  Both men are right-wing Protestant conservatives who consider homosexuality to be immoral and a “sin”.  This is certainly their constitutional right, and I have no problem with them expressing publically this constitutionally-protected, yet stupid, ignorant belief; a stupid, ignorant belief based entirely on the moral norms of Bronze Age, animal-sacrificing, superstitious, middle-eastern goat herders; but, hey, this is America, believe whatever you want!

I fully support McCain and Veith’s constitutional right to believe and preach their opinions regarding their take on morality and immorality.

However, the problem with right-wing Christian fundamentalists is that they are not satisfied with simply preaching and teaching the immorality of same-sex relationships and sexual activity.  No, they want to legislate it; they want to criminalize it; and, they want to demonize the law-abiding Americans who dare to violate their Bronze Age moral standards of acceptable adult sexual practices.

As I have published on previous posts, Mr. McCain, Publisher and Executive Editor for the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, has stated on record, flashed across the world wide internet, that gay relationships between consenting adults are the moral equivalent of the molestation and rape of twelve year old boys.  Gene Veith allows similar vile comments on his conservative Christian blog without any censorship or condemnation whatsoever (either from him or his right-wing Christian audience), including comments that suggest that gay men in positions of authority (school teachers??  hint, hint, hint) actively seek to seduce adolescent boys into sexual activity (a felony) and that gay men are more prone to sexual promiscuity than “normal” males.

This is hate mongering, folks.  This is the vilification of another human being based solely on your prejudices, not on scientific fact.  And it is this hate-mongering that all democracy and liberty loving Americans must confront, battle, and defeat.

Sadly, the vilification of Gay men and Lesbian women is still socially acceptable in many parts of this country.  The most outrageous, vile, baseless accusations are made against these law-abiding Americans and no one bats an eye.  Imagine the uproar if fundamentalist, politically right wing Christians were still vilifying minorities and women, such as saying:

A woman who wears a dress with a hemline above the knee is telegraphing to every man on the sidewalk that she wants to have intercourse.  If this woman is raped, she has no one to blame but herself.

Or this statement:

The Black Race has been cursed by Almighty God for the sin of their ancestor Ham, son of Noah.  Due to this curse, black men have a sinful predilection to sexual promiscuity and violent rape.

Do you think I am making this up?  Nope.  I grew up in fundamentalist, politically right-wing Christianity in the 60’s and 70’s and this is exactly what these ignorant, Bible-thumpers believed.  But do we see any of them making these kinds of statements today?  No way!  Why not?  Has God changed?  Has the Bible changed?  No.  The only thing that has changed is that these types of statements are absolutely verboten in modern day American society.  Any member of the clergy or any college provost making such a comment would immediately lose his or her job and probably be run out of town…or the country.  There would be massive protests and outrage.  This kind of vilifying hate speech against racial minorities and women would not be tolerated.  However, making similar bigoted, unfounded, vicious hate speech against law abiding gays and lesbians is still tolerated and socially acceptable.

Join me folks.  Let’s make gay-bashing hate speech by right-wing Bible thumpers just as socially unacceptable as hate speech against women and African-Americans.  Let’s make Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod official Paul T. McCain and Patrick Henry Christian College provost Gene Veith social pariahs until they learn to keep their bigoted, hate-spewing mouths shut!


2 thoughts on “Tell Rev. Paul T. McCain and College Provost Gene Veith to stop Vilifying Gay and Lesbian Americans

  1. Hi Gary,

    I concur with your view that too many Evangelicals, Fundamentalists and orthodox Lutherans have a hostile attitude to same-sex oriented people. Much of this is driven by their fear of gay and lesbian persons. Most of them have never met and tried to listen to their stories and engage them in conversation with an open heart. Too many Evangelicals appear to be happy in their ignorance of these folk and are so closeted in their own little world of biblical Fundamentalism, throwing out biblical verses that express their abhorrence.

    Such folk should take a good, hard look at themselves. Those 70% of compassionate pastors in the Missouri synod of the orthodox Lutheran church need to bring those who are peddlers of hate and fear to account. They need to make those who make the decisions within this denomination fully aware of what is going on and , if there is no public apology by these men on the internet, then action should be taken, but will it? I hope so. Let compassion, healing-mercy and loving-kindness reign supreme.


    John Arthur


  2. The sad truth is, John, that the hierarchy of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod has long been aware of the abusive behavior of its Bible and textbook publisher/executive editor, Rev. Paul T. McCain. The Church headquarters in St. Louis has a complaint file bursting at the seams under the name of “Paul T. McCain”.

    And the complaints are not just from atheists and non-Lutherans. I have had online conversations with fellow LCMS Lutherans (when I still used that label), including elderly women, who stated that they had written several letters of complaint to the LCMS hierarchy over McCain's embarrassing behavior and nasty online antics, but had never received a word in response. I would bet good money that this is why McCain now lurks on the internet only when using a false identity: he was told to do so by his superiors.

    What a pathetic example of Christian behavior!

    Paul T. McCain and other fundamentalist bigots in the LCMS will only be removed by shining public attention onto this Church's corrupt hierarchy which is more concerned with keeping the membership numbers up than dealing with obnoxious, hate-peddling pastors.

    This campaign against the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod will not end until this peddler of hate is removed from office, no matter how long it takes. Paul T. McCain must and will go. The question is, how much embarrassing attention must be brought to bear on the DPs of the LCMS before they do something. And the sorry excuse that only the Board of Directors of Concordia Publishing House can remove McCain is nothing but a lot of Missouri horse shit. Remove him they must, and remove him they will…or pay a very, very high price in the court of pubic opinion.


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