Gene Veith, Patrick Henry College provost: Where is your Apology for promoting and condoning Hate Speech? Gay and Lesbian Americans are waiting for it.

I am at war with online conservative Christian, gay-hate speech peddling, Dr. Gene Veith, author of Cranach, Blog of Veith.  I have called Veith out for his acceptance, tolerance, tacit endorsement, and continued publication on the World Wide Web, of hateful, vicious, unfounded allegations by his rabid right-wing regulars against law-abiding Gay and Lesbian Americans.  Dr. Veith has responded to my criticisms.  Is he remorseful for his role in this vile campaign of vicious slander and innuendos perpetrated by his rabid, Bible-thumping regulars?  Read for yourself.

Below I have copied and pasted Veith’s blog post, written today, in its entirety, from Cranach, the Blog of Veith.  (Later today, I intend to revisit Veith’s statement printed below and will intersperse it with my own comments in red).

Gene Veith, Provost, Patrick Henry Christian College:

Blog drama

In the earlier days of this blog, we were renowned for the high level of discourse and the friendliness of our commenting community.  We had lots of different opinions and different sorts of people participate–conservatives and liberals, Lutherans and Pentecostals, feminists and gays, Muslims and atheists–but with a few exceptions everybody got along.  (Remember Little Buddha–something like that–the atheist who provoked extensive, in depth discussions about God and His existence, who eventually signed off thanking everybody for the personal support he felt and for the friendships he formed on this blog!  I heard that tODD and Petersen jumped him on the way out of his banishment…I mean…farewell party and beat the living crap out of the little SOB, but maybe that was just a rumor.  Have you ever heard from him since, Genester???)

Well, as the number of readers has soared, that sense of community and the friendly climate isn’t the same.  People tell me that they don’t comment anymore, due to their fear of hostile retorts (or possibly fear of tODD’s incessant flagging) , or that they don’t read the comments anymore.  I have valued the openness of our discussions and I have resisted all of the recommendations to rein in some of the threads and some of the participants, especially the ones that bash and demonize gays and lesbians…I let those participants have FULL rein and still do.  But I have now started banning people.I have been doing this for a few months (when tODD and Amsdorf come running to me breathless to tattle on one of those mean, nasty athiests who is launching vicious, vicious attacks on our precious, holy Faith), but it became an issue again on the post about trolls.  Which, of course, attracted trolls like that traitorous, ex-orthodox Lutheran, son-of-a bitch, Gary.  But one of the people I banned has gotten all indignant about it (the one and the same SOB, Gary), spinning conspiracy theories (that Amsdorf and tODD are really running and moderating this blog, which is especially laughable to long-time readers since those two agree about hardly anything!)  Ok, so I was wrong.  Todd and Amsdorf, aka Rev. Paul T. McCain, are NOT the paid staff and moderators of Cranach, the Blog of Veith.  This was a slanderous allegation on my part.  I withdraw it with the utmost of repentance and humility.  Toddler and Amsdorf are simply and only the unofficial Cranach, the Blog of Veith, hall monitors, blog nannies, tattle-tales, and sorry-assed, pussy excuses for the male gender of our species.  I apologize for the aspersion on the sterling characters of these two gentlejerks, I mean gentlemen and launching vicious personal attacks on this blog (vicious attacks such as:  “The reason that Veith rarely if ever comments on his posts is because he is too busy counting the days’ collection from the advertising on his blog.  If the man has no time to comment or moderate his posts, why in the name of Pete Rose does he post three to five posts every day???  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the increase in advertising revenue that Veith receives from posting five posts with advertisements than only one post with advertisements! other commenters (such vicious statements as:  “you guys are self-righteous, gay bashing, fundamentalist bigots whose belief system is based on the superstitious hallucinations and tablet scribblings of animal-sacrificing, middle-eastern goat herders), and me.  (All I’ll say about the latter is that I am very, very blessed.)

So what will it take to get banned (oh….maybe…criticizing fundamentalist Christianity at just a fraction of the intensity and vitriol as your Christian regulars attack gays and lesbians)?  Bad language, of course, but that includes insulting language (unless the insulting language is coming from a fine, God-fearing, grade school educated, red-neck Christian dipshit comparing gay relationships to molesting and sodomizing twelve year old boys…then that is perfectly fine).  That includes insulting other commenters but also blasphemy; that is, insulting God (he means, here, of course any criticism or insult of fundamentalist Christianity, not just saying something vulgar or profane about Yahweh or Jesus) .  You don’t have to believe in Him, but don’t insult Him.  You wouldn’t like it if someone insulted your father, so the same principle goes with insulting the Heavenly Father (I would bet that Jesus would consider your treatment of gays and lesbian human beings as an insult to his Father, who is also THEIR Father, and Maker.  Ever think about that, bigot Vieth?).  There is also a tone that irritates me that makes me want to disinvite some people from my virtual living room:  The tone of contempt and mockery for the other people on the forum.  It’s hard to define, but I know it when I read it.  (Yes, yes.  It’s, it’s, it’s… those smart-ass atheists!  They are so mean and so terrible and it so offends my precious, little feelings.  But God bless you gay-bashing, knuckle-dragging red-necks!  You have my full permission to pulverize (verbally speaking of course) each and every fag and lesbo that dares stray onto my blog.)

I’m not saying that I’ll necessarily be perfectly consistent, but I’m going to be more pro-active than I have been (So you are going to start censoring the knuckle-dragging gay bashers, Gene?).  I am unlikely to ban you for just the content of your ideas.  So far I’ve banned right wingers and left wingers, atheists and fundamentalists (any statistics on banned right-wing, “fag-bashers”, Gene?).  It’s not so much what you say as how you say it (So, Knuckledraggers:  when you post comments such as, “Homosexuals in positions of authority [like teachers] actively try to lure adolescent boys into sodomy”, please say it with all the kindness and compassion of Jesus, our loving Lord and Savior, as you can.)   I’d like to recreate as much as possible our old climate, in which people held passionate and in-depth debates but did it in a friendly way.  (Really, Gene?  Then I have a suggestion, tell smart-ass Taddler to keep a lid on his snark and perpetual flagging threats.) HE is the one who instigates most of the snark and “food fights” on your blog.

I will depend on you readers to help me with this.  If you read a comment that you think violates these standards (What standards, Gene?  The only standards you have given are:  insulting comments, blasphemy, and an irritating tone.  All of those “standards” are subjective.   This is the whole problem with your system. flag it .  (Click the flag by the comment.)   This system allows the “majority” to silence any annoying minority opinion.  A certain number of flags (I’m not sure how many–that’s set by Patheos), will cause the comment to disappear, though anyone who wants to read it can by clicking the name that goes with it, which will remain.  In the meantime, I will be notified that a comment has gone into moderation.  It may take me awhile, but I will eventually read it and either approve it, delete it, leave it invisible, or–if the offensiveness has bothered lots of people and is part of a pattern–I will ban the poster, a process that also deletes what has been said.

The thing is, my responsibilities at work have increased dramatically, and I haven’t been able to monitor the comments as closely as I’d like to.  So it may take me a relatively long time to attend to the moderation (So in other words, Gene, you are going to let the gay-bashing bigots such as Carl Vehese and “sg” moderate your blog in your absence.  They will flag and hide comments that offend their fundamentalist Christian sensibilities in even the slightest of insults, and NEVER flag a vicious, unfounded gay-bashing comment.  So, Gene, if the inmates are, metaphorically speaking of course, running your little prison, flagging any comment that offends their inerrant, ancient Canaanite belief system, but allowing unfettered, any and all gay-bashing hate speech,  while you are so very, very busy with your work responsibilities, don’t you see what is going to happen, Gene baby?  Answer:  the same old shit.  But I’ll do the best I can.   My work situation–our president has left and I’ve been appointed interim president–should be temporary.  I’m looking forward to the time in what I hope is the not too distant future when I can not only follow the comments more closely but take part in the discussions myself. (Would anyone mind going back and looking when the last time was that Gene Veith contributed more than two or three brief comments under a single post?  I will bet it has been several years, if not more.  I think someone has been shamed.)

Here is something else for you to consider, Dr. Veith.  Have you checked out the IRS regulations for non-profit religious institutions participating in online political activity?  Are you using Patrick Henry Christian College’s computers to write, publish, and moderate your little right-wing blog?  I wonder what the IRS would say about you running a right-wing propaganda machine from inside the tax-exempt walls of Patrick Henry Christian College.  Maybe it is all perfectly legal.  I hope so.  I hope you have been minding your P’s and Q’s, Gene, because I damn well intend to ask the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center to look into any tax laws that you and your little group of far-right rabble may be violating.

In other blog news, I just discovered that if the blog is accessed on a smart phone, the format automatically adjusts so that it fits the small screen!  (Patheos keeps adding features that I don’t even know about.)  (Praise Jesus!  More ways to disseminate superstitious, Bronze Age, goat-herder, gay bashing hate speech!)

Anyway, thanks for reading!  Thanks for commenting!  Let’s see if we can create another Golden Age–or at least a Silver Age–of the Cranach blog (Yes, yes.  Raise your arms in the fascist salute as we march all these filthy, nasty faggots to concentration camps…Ooops…I was having a dream…My bad.  —Gene).

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