Announcing: Citizens United Against Religious Hate Speech (CUARHS)

Press Release
December 8, 2014

Today citizens from across all fifty states of the Union joined together to form, Citizens United Against Religious Hate Speech.  The purpose of this national organization will be to monitor fundamentalist religious hate speech, particularly hate speech promulgated by religious institutions such as fundamentalist Christian denominations, their governing bodies, their elected leaders, spokespersons, publishing houses and universities; entities and persons who foment discrimination and violence against Gays, Lesbians, and all-purpose Fornicators. 

The members voted and approved the following motto for the association:

Mind your own fucking business, fundamentalists…literally

Our first two campaigns will be directed against two well-known purveyors of fundamentalist Christian hate speech and intolerance: 

1.  The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

This conservative Protestant Christian denomination, headquartered in St. Louis Missouri, is actually not that intolerant…on paper.  It teaches that all sexual behavior outside of traditional marriage between a man and a woman is sinful/immoral.  But, it also teaches love and compassion for those engaged in “sexual sin”.  We have no problem with this position, although we strongly disagree with the ignorance and Iron Age stupidity upon which it is based.

No, our issue with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod is that it coddles and hides a known rabid, gay-bashing hate monger, the Right Reverend, Paul T. McCain.  Reverend McCain has stated in past publications that adult gay relationships are the moral equivalent of sodomizing twelve year old boys.  This bigot must go!  We will lead protest, after protest, after protest against the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod until this slime ball is removed from office, regardless of the length of time necessary to achieve our objective.

2.  Apply pressure on Patrick Henry Christian College to rein in the gay-bashing, right-wing political propaganda machine (blog) of its (temporary) President and Provost, Dr. Gene Veith.  We intend to contact the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center to determine the legality of Dr. Veith running a political website on the premises, and using the equipment of, a tax-exempt religious institution.


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