Why is a top official of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, lurking around the Internet using False Indentities?

Fundamentalist Christian reader:

You’re wasting your time (in calling for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod pastor and Concordia Publishing House Executive Editor, Paul T. McCain’s dismissal).

One, most activist LGBT types already consider us (the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod) synonymous (with Westboro Baptist).

Two, when they (the LGBT) protested our synodical convention because of our position statement concerning homosexuality, our response was to go and get a beer and move on with our lives. 

Three, they (the LCMS Church hierarchy and Concordia Publishing House) have more important things to deal with than a lone atheist who’s feelings were hurt from being rejected on an independent blog. Four, given that we are all sinners we aren’t about to throw somebody overboard for being a sinner.

My response:

Let’s just wait and see…
It is one thing for a few dozen atheists and gays to show up to demonstrate in front of a one week convention once a year. It is quite another for constant, unrelenting very ugly bad press that will make the average American see and think “Westboro gay bashers” every time the term “Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod” is uttered.
The fact that your fundamentalist Christian denomination considers homosexuality a sin and immoral will not shock or upset anyone. But, the fact that one of your top Churchmen has equated gay relationships with raping twelve year old boys; has never recanted and apologized for this ignorant, dumb-as-a-hillbilly statement; AND, lurks around the internet, using fake names, to assist in continued gay-bashing hate speech, will most likely produce a very, very different reaction.
Why the hell does one of the largest Protestant Christian Churches in the United States allow one of it’s top officials to lurk and prowl internet websites and chat rooms using pseudonyms??
Can you imagine the Apostle Paul behaving in such a spineless manner? The Apostle Peter? Martin Luther? Or how about Jesus Christ??
This guy is a real slime ball!
The Reverend, Paul T. McCain
Publisher & Executive Director of Editorial,
Concordia Publishing House
 Official publishing house of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod
Ordained minister and a member of leadership in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod


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