Gary: You will never succeed in your war on Paul T. McCain and Gene Veith


Reader:  Gary, I hope you realize that none of this is likely to have any effect. The DPs have no control over what goes on at CPH – only the Board of Directors does. As you haven’t been the first person to complain about Paul McCain, and, more importantly, as much of what you dug up on him is several years old, don’t be surprised when he retains his position at CPH.

Anonymous Reader:  Please see a doctor. You have gotten so far ‘out there’ I think you need   some kind of mental help.

My Response:  I have heard that comment before…however, I have not been institutionalized…yet. 🙂

Paul McCain and Gene Veith may not be carrying one of these signs but their
hateful, gay-baiting rhetoric encourages others to carry them, and
encourages others to commit even worse acts.

Sharing the Love and Compassion of Jesus…not
Just remember, every social revolutionary has been labeled a crack pot, nut case, and psycho. I am proud to wear that badge of honor. Let me tell you the story about the last time someone “turned off my microphone” and then taunted me with smart-ass “high fives” as they left me high and dry without any opportunity to respond or complain:

A couple of years ago I was a member of a professional association that included about 100 members.  Ten of the one hundred had been the original founders.  The president and the overwhelming majority of the members of the Board association all belonged to this small founding group.

The association had a democratic governance structure “on paper” in its bylaws, but the bylaws had been set up by the founders with a carefully crafted provision that stated that members had to purchase an expensive share of stock to have any vote or say in the governance of the group.  Most members were not motivated to pay several thousand dollars simply for the right to vote, therefore this small group of founding members had absolute control over the majority.   Rules and regulations were passed by the small minority in power often with complete indifference to the will of the majority of members who were not stockholders, and therefore had no vote.

One year this small group in power decided to give themselves a raise…a massive raise.
I and a couple of other members who were stockholders but not in the “power clique” complained.  We wanted to hold a discussion on this issue at the upcoming association’s annual meeting and Board Election.  We sent out letters and emails notifying all members, regardless of shareholder status, of the issue.

We showed up at the annual meeting, to find the doors blocked by “guards” of the minority, insisting that all shareholders vote FIRST before admittance to the annual meeting, after which we might then have the opportunity to air our grievances in the annual meeting.

So we failed.  The vote took place.  The small group in power maintained their hold on power.  By the time we were let into the annual meeting, our complaint was a mute point.
The victors left the meeting gloating over their slick manipulation of the rules, snickering and laughing at our complaints of “foul”.

I did not hire an attorney.  I did not take out expensive TV ads against this group.  But I did go on the attack.  I went to war.  Total war.  I used the power of the internet, email, in this situation, to motivate non-shareholder members of the association of the importance that EACH of them have a voice in the governance of THEIR association.  I organized a member “union”.  I monitored the activities of the group in power and sent out mass emails to the general membership to keep everyone up-to-date and informed.  I even offered to loan the full cost of the share purchase for each non-shareholder member at no interest and with no fixed date of repayment.  My goal was this:  ensure that a majority of members were shareholders, therefore ensuring that the majority governed, not the minority.  A secondary goal was to unseat the current Board.

After 12 months, and a lot of hard work and time on my part, it was election day for the association’s board.  What happened?  The “founders” won the election!  My candidates lost.  The “founders” remained in their positions of power.

However, a majority of members were now shareholders.  I had succeeded in that goal.  After a year long grueling civil war in the association, the attitude of the group in power had dramatically changed from willful arrogance to somber responsibility.  They were willing to talk.  They now knew that they could be voted out of office if they snubbed their noses at the majority.  They knew they no longer held absolute, unquestioned power.
And, the founders had been forced to spend MILLIONS of dollars in attorneys’ fees in their desperate panic to hold onto power.  My one-man “war machine” had scared the absolute shit out of them.

One man can make a difference.  One man can cause massive change if he has the will and determination to aggressively, and relentlessly, wage war on those whom he believes to be the agents of injustice.

Today the association is a collegial, more prosperous, and better governed entity.

My hope is that the result will be the same with my war on the hate-mongers in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod.  The fight may be long, the fight may be hard, many may consider me crazy…but the result is worth it.  Justice is always worth the fight.

I ask my readers to join me in waging war on Religious Hate Speech within the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod and within Patrick Henry Christian College.


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