Church official Paul T. McCain’s anti-Gay Hate Speech puts Lutheran Church at risk of monitoring by Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center monitors such hate groups as the KKK and Neo-Nazis.  It also monitors the statements and actions of groups with particularly vicious, inflammatory anti-gay agendas and propaganda operations.  Click here for a link to the groups that the SPLC is currently monitoring. 

An appeal will soon be filed with the SPLC to add the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod to the list of monitored hate groups due to the views and statements of one of its highest officials, Paul T. McCain, Editor and Publisher for the St. Louis based Church.

Statements by McCain are included along with statements and activities of other gay-bashing hate groups below: 

The Reverend, Paul T. McCain
Publisher & Executive Director of Editorial,
Concordia Publishing House
 Official publishing house of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod
Ordained minister and a member of leadership in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod

American Family Association

Methodist minister Donald E. Wildmon formed the National Federation for Decency in 1977, changing its name to the American Family Association (AFA) in 1988. Today, the group, which was taken over by Tim Wildmon after his father’s 2010 retirement, claims a remarkable 2 million online supporters and 180,000 subscribers to its AFA Journal. It also broadcasts over nearly 200 radio stations.

The AFA seeks to support “traditional moral values,” but in recent years it has seemed to specialize in “combating the homosexual agenda.” In 2009, it hired Bryan Fischer, the former executive director of the Idaho Values Alliance, as its director of analysis for government and policy. Taking a page from the anti-gay fabulist Scott Lively (see Abiding Truth Ministries, above), Fischer claimed in a blog post last May 27 that “[h]omosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and 6 million dead Jews.” (Ironically, the elder Wildmon was widely denounced as an anti-Semite after suggesting that Jews control the media, which the AFA says “shows a genuine hostility towards Christians.”) Fischer has described Hitler as “an active homosexual” who sought out gays “because he could not get straight soldiers to be savage and brutal and vicious enough.” He proposed criminalizing homosexual behavior in another 2010 blog post and has advocated forcing gays into “reparative” therapy. In a 2010 “action alert,” the AFA warned that if homosexuals are allowed to openly serve in the military, “your son or daughter may be forced to share military showers and barracks with active and open homosexuals.”

Abiding Truth Ministries
Springfield, Mass.

Abiding Truth Ministries serves mainly as a launching pad for an international anti-gay campaign. Its founder, Scott Lively, is also responsible for a book, widely cited by gay-bashers, accusing homosexuals of running the Nazi Party.

Lively first emerged as an anti-gay activist when he became communications director for the Oregon Citizens Alliance, which was backing that state’s notorious Measure 9 vote in 1992. The measure, which failed, would have added language to the state constitution listing homosexuality, along with pedophilia and masochism, as “abnormal behavior.” Lively later served as California director of the American Family Association, another particularly hard-line anti-gay group (see below).

Lively is best known for co-authoring, with Kevin Abrams, The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party. The book makes a series of claims that virtually no serious historian agrees with: that Hitler was gay, that “the Nazi Party was entirely controlled by militaristic homosexuals,” and that gays were especially selected for the SS because of their innate brutality. The claims are entirely false; in fact, the Nazis murdered significant numbers of gays and made homosexuality a death penalty offense in 1942. In the foreword, Abrams adds that homosexuality is “primarily a predatory addiction striving to take the weak and unsuspecting down with it. … They have no idea of how to act in the best interests of their country… . Their intention is to serve none but themselves.”

Lively has taken his message abroad to Eastern Europe (see Watchmen on the Walls, below), Africa and Russia. In a 2007 open letter to the Russian people, he asserted that “homosexuality is a personality disorder that involves various, often dangerous sexual addictions and aggressive, anti-social impulses.” In 2009, he went to Uganda to speak at a major conference on the evils of homosexuality, saying, among other things: “The gay movement is an evil institution. The goal of the gay movement is to defeat the marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of sexual promiscuity.” He also met with Ugandan lawmakers. A month after Lively left the country, a bill was introduced that called for the death penalty for certain homosexual acts and prison for those who fail to disclose gays’ identities.

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) was formed as a part-time venture in 1996 by long-time gay-basher Peter LaBarbera, who reorganized it in 2006 as a much more serious and influential, if often vicious, operation.

A one-time reporter for the conservative Washington Times, LaBarbera has been an energetic campaigner against “the radical homosexual agenda” since at least 1993, when he launched The Lambda Report, which claimed to do first-hand reporting to expose its gay enemies. Over the years, he has been an official with Accuracy in Media, Concerned Women for America, the Family Research Council and the Illinois Family Institute (see below for the last three). He left the Illinois Family Institute, where he’d been executive director, in 2006.

AFTAH is notable for its posting of the utterly discredited work of Paul Cameron (of the Family Research Institute; see below), who has claimed that gays and lesbians live vastly shorter lives than heterosexuals. Among the Cameron propaganda published by AFTAH are 2007 claims that gays and lesbians in Norway and Denmark live 24 fewer years than heterosexuals. Reviewing that claim, Danish epidemiologist Morten Frisch found that it had no scientific basis. LaBarbera himself, in 2002, compared the alleged dangers of homosexuality to those of “smoking, alcohol and drug abuse.” Similarly, AFTAH’s website carries essays describing homosexuality as a “lethal behavior addiction,” a “dangerous” practice that is “neither normal nor benign.”

In 2007, LaBarbera claimed there was “a disproportionate incidence of pedophilia” among gay men — yet another false assertion. The same year, he posted an open letter to the Lithuanian people from long-time gay-basher Scott Lively (see Abiding Truth Ministries, above), who has made a series of false claims about gays running the German Nazi Party. In the piece posted to the AFTAH website, Lively said homosexuals are trying to take away free speech from all opponents of gays and to silence all religious opinions on the matter.

The AFTAH site repeats bogus claims like the idea that a proposed bill in California would “promote cross-dressing, sex-change operations, bisexuality and homosexuality” to kindergartners and other children. And it ran an essay that falsely asserted that hate crime laws would “restrict our speech.”

Paul T. McCain, Publisher and Editor for the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod

“From an article in The Lutheran Study Bible, Paul T. McCain, Publisher and Editor, titled, “Divine Warfare,” an excerpt from the Concordia Commentary series on the Book of Joshua,:

“The Christian Gospel in Word and Sacrament rescues the perishing from eternal destruction and fortifies them to do battle against the forces of evil within (the sinful flesh) and without (the devil and the world) that assail them. It is necessary for Christians to oppose detestable practices such as idolatry, sexual immorality, homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, and occult practices, which correspond to the ancient abominations of the Canaanites. The church rightly prohibits God’s people from engaging in such practices. The church also rightly endeavors to persuade society at large to prohibit such evils, and to do so Christians work peacefully through lawful means, not by violence. . . .”

Fundamentalist Christians certainly have a first amendment right to hold the view that homosexuality as a “sin”, as an “act of immorality”.  Fundamentalist Christians have the right to hold all manner of activities sinful and immoral: playing cards, going to movie theaters, mixed-swimming, drinking alcohol, prohibiting their wives and daughters from wearing slacks, prohibiting dresses with hemlines above the knees, make-up, etc.

However, when fundamentalist Christians attempt to introduce their Bronze Age superstitions, their Christian version of Sharia Law, and their straight-jacket morality into secular society, attempting to force non-Christian society, by legislation or by fear-mongering, to discriminate, criminalize, and incite vicious sentiment against other law abiding citizens, this activity must be confronted and vigorously counter-attacked in the square of public opinion.   The Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod must be held to account for the hate speech of its publisher and editor.

Comment by Paul T. McCain on his Cyberbrethren blog, 2003“The ordination of women as pastors has led, yes, even demands, the ordination of homosexuals. If Scripture’s clear statements that prohibit the ordination of women as pastors can be ignored, or reinterpreted, so  also every verse that speaks negatively about homosexuals.

What’s next? One shudders to think. What is there in Scripture that would prohibit a loving, consenting relationship between boys and men? Or who can now judge the love shared among multiple couples of various genders, all sharing a group marriage? Who dares to impose their interpretation on such things? Who can say such things are sin if love there is enjoyed and expressed? As the homosexual bishop put it, who could say all these expressions of love are not gifts from God and hence sacramental? What about bestiality? Can we say that this is not also an avenue for God’s sacramental love expressed between his creatures? The same thinking, the same principles, the same presuppositions and logic, require all these things to be accepted as well.”

For McCain to infer that loving, adult gay relationships are morally equivalent with the illegal rape and molestation of young children and adolescents is appalling, inflammatory hate speech.

Paul T. McCain also serves as unofficial “hall monitor” or moderator of the far-right political and religious blog, Cranach, Blog of Gene Veith, upon which the most vile, ignorant, and inflammatory allegations are made against gay and lesbian Americans without any censoring of these comments whatsoever.  See:  here.  However, as proof that this is not an open board for unfettered public expression, comments deemed too vicious, too “troll-like”, criticizing fundamentalist Christian beliefs, are often flagged, deleted, and their authors banned.

Below is a typical comment regarding Gays and Lesbians copied directly from the right-wing Christian blog, Cranach, mentioned above, on which McCain serves as unofficial moderator/hall monitor under the false name/pseudonym, “Amsdorf“:

JohnWV  (Cranach, the Blog of GeneVeith)
As a group, in comparison with normal men, male homosexuals are more promiscuous, spread more disease, and are convicted of more sexual offenses. In seducing adolescents, they represent gender as a choice. As teachers, or other authority figures, they are skilled recruiters. They pervert children and grandchildren. No regrets. No apologies.

Can you believe it?  A top Churchman of a large mainline Protestant Church lurks on the Internet using pseudonyms to assist in the vicious vilification of gay and lesbian men and women!  “Amsdorf”, aka, the Right Reverend Paul T. McCain, Publisher and Executive Editor of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, assists far-right fundamentalist Christian blog owners, to screen, discourage, and eliminate anti-Christian comments on the Internet, but assists in allowing, unfettered,  slanderous, malicious accusations against a small minority of law-abiding Americans. 

Concerned Women for America
Washington, D.C

San Diego, Calif., activist Beverly LaHaye, whose husband Tim would go on to become famous as co-author of the Left Behind novels depicting the end times, started Concerned Women for America (CWA) in 1979 to create an anti-feminist group that matched the power of the National Organization for Women. Today, CWA claims more than 500,000 members organized into state chapters, a radio program that reaches more than 1 million listeners, and a cadre of attorneys and researchers devoted to the group’s mission of promoting biblical values.

LaHaye has blamed gay people for a “radical leftist crusade” in America and, over the years, has occasionally equated homosexuality with pedophilia. In 2001, she hired prominent anti-gay propagandists Robert Knight (now with Coral Ridge Ministries; see below) and Peter LaBarbera (now with Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, above) to launch CWA’s Culture and Family Institute. Matt Barber was CWA’s policy director for cultural issues in 2007 and 2008 before moving on to similar work with the Liberty Counsel (below).

While at CWA, on April 12, 2007, Barber suggested against all the evidence that there were only a “miniscule number” of anti-gay hate crimes and most of those “may very well be rooted in fraudulent reports.” In comments that have since disappeared from CWA’s website, Barber demanded a federal probe of “homosexual activists” for their alleged fabrications of hate crime reports.

CWA long relied on and displayed Knight’s articles and talking points, including claims that “homosexuality carries enormous physical and mental health risks” and “gay marriage entices children to experiment with homosexuality.” Most remarkably, Knight cited the utterly discredited work of Paul Cameron (see Family Research Institute, below) to bolster claims that homosexuality is harmful.

Today, CWA continues to make arguments against homosexuality on the basis of dubious claims. President Wendy Wright said this August that gay activists were using same-sex marriage “to indoctrinate children in schools to reject their parents’ values and to harass, sue and punish people who disagree.” Last year, CWA accused the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a group that works to stop anti-gay bullying in schools, of using that mission as a cover to promote homosexuality in schools, adding that “teaching students from a young age that the homosexual lifestyle is perfectly natural … will [cause them to] develop into adults who are desensitized to the harmful, immoral reality of sexual deviance.”


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