I am Disgusted

I said nothing on this blog about the killing of an unarmed young black man in Ferguson, Missouri, earlier this year because based on the limited evidence I saw, there seemed to be at least some evidence to support the officer’s claim that he acted in self defense. 

I have always been a strong supporter of law enforcement.  They perform a difficult and dangerous job to keep us all safe.

But as much as I support our men and women in blue, I do not believe that the citizens of this country should give anyone in a position of authority carte blanche power.  The police serve the people.  We have entrusted our lives into their hands.  They must not abuse that trust. 

The events on the video below shake my trust in the fair and just treatment that men of color receive in this country.  This horrific act of violence is unjustified.  The man was unarmed.  The police had him outnumbered and had him under their control at all times.  Strangling him was not justified, regardless of his alleged petty crime.

Unarmed Father of Six Pleads for his Life while Police Strangle him to Death

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