Why do the Gospels say so little about "Resurrection"? A Layman’s Review of NT Wright’s, The Resurrection…, Part 31

NT Wright, page 402:

Considering that the canonical Gospels undoubtedly reflect the beliefs and hopes of the early Christians, one of the abiding surprises they present is how little they have to say about the topic of resurrection.

Gary:  Yes…very odd indeed.  Paul, who wrote his epistles some 15-25 years before the writing of the first Gospel, Mark, talks about “resurrection” all over the place, but the Gospel writers who follow him seem to know very little about this concept. 

Had the writers of the Gospels read Paul’s epistles prior to writing their stories?  Doesn’t seem so.  Once again, if God is the ultimate author of the Bible, why does it seem that his “left” hand had no idea what his “right” hand was doing??


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