A Layman’s Review of NT Wright’s, The Resurrection…, Part 7, A man rose from the dead…or a demi-god?

Quote, page 64:

“Ordinary people in the Greco-Roman world clearly thought that from time to time one might see ghosts, spirits or visions of dead people.  It was even possible to precipitate such encounters oneself.  But we should not make the mistake of supposing that this had anything to do with resurrection.  No such experiences would have persuaded anyone in that world that the total denial of resurrection in Homer and the tragedians had been broken.  These visions and visitations were not cases of people ceasing to be dead and resuming something like normal life, but precisely of the dead remaining dead and being encountered as visitors from the world of the dead, who have not and will not resume anything like the kind of life they had before.  This is the vital distinction that must be maintained if we are to understand the ancient pagans in their own terms, never mind Judaism or Christianity.”

Gary:  Ok.  I buy that.  But let’s look at the Biblical claims of the “resurrected” Jesus:

–he is not usually recognized when he first appears out of thin air.  He must prove who he is.  (Sounds like a supernatural ghost to me)

—He can disappear in front of your eyes as occurred with the two disciples with whom he ate a meal along the Emmaus Road.  (sounds pretty ghost-like)

—He can walk through locked doors.  (I don’t know many humans who can do that)

—He levitates off of the ground and disappears into the sky (ghost, ghost, ghost)


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