I am no longer accepting comments on this Blog

My quest for evidence to maintain my belief in the physical resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, which began in February, 2014, with appeals to conservative Christian pastors, theologians and apologists for help, has lasted now almost seven months.  What evidence have I been given?:

1.  “Just keep your eyes on Jesus!”
2.  “I know Jesus exists because I feel him in my heart.”
3.  “I know that Jesus exists because of my experiences.”
4.  “Look at all the miracles that have been performed in Jesus’ name.”
5.  “Only a physical resurrection would account for the rapid growth of early Christianity.”
6.  “The disciples would not die for a lie.”
7.  “Paul saw Jesus on the Damascus Road and confirmed what he saw with Peter and James.”
8.  “Jesus is the foundation of our faith.  Read the Bible, ignore the archaeological evidence, and you will find Jesus.”
9.  “I believe it, therefore my belief is true.”

All this is “evidence” is nothing more than hearsay, conjecture, legend, fable, and superstition.  If that is all the evidence there is of a resurrected Jesus, God of Heaven and Earth, then I cannot believe.  I have come to view the word “faith” as synonymous with blind superstition.

From now on, I will no longer ask Christians for evidence.  I promised that I would read NT Wright’s 1,000 plus page work, The Resurrection of the Son of God, and I just started it tonight.  Simultaneously, I plan to read Israel Finkelstein’s work, “The Bible Unearthed”.  I will publish posts on interesting findings in both books as I read through them.

But no more comments from readers.  I have had my fill of obnoxious, rude, vindictive disciples of Jesus (aka Christians) leaving “troll comments” on my blog.   I will continue my journey for Truth alone.

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