What is the maximum capacity of Hell?

According to fundamentalist/orthodox Christianity, the “Unsaved”, the “Lost”, the “Damned” go to a place called Hell after they die.  If you ask one of these Christians, “Where is Hell?”, they will most likely say, “It is at the center of the Earth”.  So let’s do some math:

If you do a google search for the number of human beings that have ever been born, here is one “guesstimate” you will find (no one can really know for sure, so we can only make an educated guess):    107,602,707,791

So, how many of those human beings are in or will be in hell?  The answer to this question depends on which particular conservative Christian denomination you belong to.  For instance, most orthodox Christians (RCC, EOC, Anglicans, and confessional Lutherans) will say that all those who have received a Christian baptism and have persevered in the Christian Faith will go to heaven.  In contrast, some fundamentalist Baptists believe that pretty much they and they alone are going to get into heaven.  So that is a massive number of people going to hell.

But let’s stick with the more conservative number as believed by orthodox Christians.

It is estimated that today, in 2014, 32% of the world’s population identifies as Christian.  But that number probably includes every citizen living in northern Europe, and central and South America.  Orthodox Christians don’t believe that all of the citizens of those countries will “persevere to the end”.  I mean you can’t believe that drug lords, gang members, and non-practicing “Christians” are going to get into heaven.  So let’s cut the percentage rate of the number of true Christians today to a conservative 20% of the total population.

So if the percentage of true Christians today is 20% let’s use that figure to estimate the number of the “Damned” according to the figure above for all human births.  However, this figure is probably high, as the number of true believers for the entire time period of the Old Testament and even the first 300 years of Christianity would have been much, much lower.  After all, the chosen people, the Hebrews, represented a very small percentage of the earth’s population through those five thousand or so millennia.  But, using 20% will also take into account that most evangelicals do not believe that non-baptized babies go to hell, so I think that 20% is a fair, conservative number acceptable to orthodox and evangelical Christians.

So if 20% of 107,602,707,791 is the estimate of the number of people who will go to heaven, then 80% of that number is the number of people who will be in hell.  So, what is that number (I am going to round down to 107,600,000,000 to make the calculation easier):

86,080,000,000 people will be in hell…if the Day of Judgment happens today.

If Judgment Day is delayed by even another 50 years, the number of people in hell will increase exponentially!

So as of today, 86 trillion people are going to be in hell.  How much room do we need for them?  Studies have shown that you can fit seven to eight average sized American teenagers into one cubic meter (yes, they do these kind of experiments in high school).

The total volume of the earth is:  1,097,509,500,000,000,000,000 cubic meters.

Let’s assume that Hell, which is in the center of the Earth, according to many Christians, is also a sphere.  So let’s assume that Hell is a sphere, within a sphere.  If there are 86,000,000,000 people in hell, and we pack them in eight at a time into one cubic meter (a cubic meter is about 3 cubic feet), leaving no room for writhing in pain, and barely enough room for the gnashing of teeth, we would need how many square meters of space to get all these people into hell: 

Answer:  10,760,000,000 cubic meters

If my meters to miles conversion calculator is correct, that means hell today is almost 7,000,000 miles in width, length and height!!

If the population of earth continues to increase at its current rate, thereby dramatically increasing the population of hell, you can see very clearly, that at some point in the not too distant future, the planet earth will be completely filled to the crust with the Damned!  Will God be filling up the interior of the moon next??

So you present this evidence to your perplexed conservative/orthodox Christian friend and he has no answer for you.  “Let’s go talk to my pastor,” he says in exasperation.  So you go with him to meet his pastor (who mentions to you briefly upon your introduction, that unless you repent and are baptized you are going to Hell).  The good pastor, upon being presented with the nearing maximum capacity of Hell, chuckles and replies, “Silly skeptic, Hell is not at the center of the earth.  Everyone knows that.  Hell is in another, infinite, limitless dimension!”

Silly me!  That’s why the concept of Hell and eternal suffering for trillions of people didn’t make sense.  Hell isn’t at the center of the earth, it is in another plane of existence, another dimension!


“But, Pastor…I don’t see anywhere in the Bible that teaches that Hell is a “third dimension”.  Haven’t the Christian Creeds always said the Christ “descended” into hell?  Doesn’t that infer that hell is in the “underworld”?  So when did Christians discover that Hell is in another dimension and not a literal, physical place?

“The Bible has always taught the concept of both Heaven and Hell being in another dimension.  We just refer to “down in Hell” and “up in Heaven” to keep things simple for the ignorant saps in the pews.”

54 thoughts on “What is the maximum capacity of Hell?

  1. If hell were full and god were to create an auxillary hell. Since he can ” do whatever , wherever, whenever” . How would he do it? By wiggling is fingers, waving his hand, or flicking his wrist?


  2. The Bible talks about hell being in the belly of the earth. David says it and even Jesus says it. It’s also in Ezekiel 31.16, Amos 9.2. The book of revelations refers to hell being in the earth. Not to mention many other references. Just because we don’t understand it or how it works doesn’t mean that it’s not true. I do however agree that it is a different dimension.


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